New PV Alert: Oomori Seiko – VOID

For additional support for her latest, Oomori Seiko gives us a lively song to compliment the keyboard arrangements of “Zettai Kanojo”. “VOID” features clips of the artist through a set of live performances and rehearsals to give us a flavor of the mania of her set. We get ab uptempo arrangement that sounds as raw and untamed as Seiko herself (on the days when she doesn’t feel like a pretty idol singer. And yes, you should embrace this side of the artist as well. Oomori Seiko is a cathartic mess whose emotions spill over volcano with an uncontrollable tic. “VOID” can be found on Oomori Seiko’s “Zettai Kanojo feat. Michishige Sayumi” hitting records stores on March 13, 2019.





Oomori Seiko and Michishige Sayumi promoting “Zettai Kanojo”



Oomori Seiko (大森靖子) is a Japanese singer-songwriter who began her career in 2008. She is also the former lead singer, guitarist, and keyboardist for the band Omori Seiko & THE Pink Tokarev. Omori Seiko was born on September 18, 1987 in Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan. Omori graduated from high school in 2006 and decided to enter Musashino Art University in Tokyo. When she was 19, Omori came across the live house Muryoku Muzenji, which showed her the way of music and allowed her to express her interests without judgement. She eventually quit university in 2007 to instead pursue a music career. She is a fan of Hello! Project and Michishige Sayumi in particular, and she has written songs for various UP-FRONT GROUP artists since 2014. Aside from her work Hello! Project, Oomori Seiko has also composed and written songs for idol groups LADYBABY, Terashima Yufu, Shiina Hikari, and Ueda Tatsuya, and others.
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