New PV Alert: Oomori Seiko – Shinigami

Oomori Seiko’s fourth major album “Kusokawa PARTY” is set for its release, and we’re lucky enough to get a preview in the form of “Shinigami”. The piano riff rings early and strikingly to set off an emotional tidal wave. Mysteriously, a cast of characters float in a desaturated pool of water and look dumbstruck at their circumstances. A series of vignettes shows us life as normal: Seiko folds her laundry, the schoolgirls walk to school, a couple meet at midnight. Hey, man: what’s that rope for? As the music erupts midway through our four minutes, we see that things are not normal, and in fact tragedy is right around the corner. You probably might have guessed this bait-and-switch from the song title. I can only describe the ensuing musical turn of events as majestic. The soft-loud dynamic supports Seiko’s emotional caterwaul, and “Shinigami” feels like the end of the world. You can find “Shinigami” on Oomori Seiko’s “Kusokawa PARTY” on sale July 11, 2018.



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Oomori Seiko promoting “Kusokawa PARTY”

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