New PV Alert: Oha Girl from Girls² – Ohayo No Smile

Oha Girl from Girls² get their second single “Ohayo No Smile (おはようのスマイル)” a street date and a promotional video. Misaki, Yuzuha, Momoka, Kurea, and Youka give their subgroup a fresh pop sound and a basketball edge. The dance shot on a lavish stadium court punctuates images of the girls in a high school story. Of course, a really great reason to watch anything Girls² related is the choreography, and the Oha Girl doesn’t disappoint. “Oyaho No Smile” goes on sale December 18, 2019.

Oha Girl from Girls²

OhaGirl from Girls² (おはガール from Girls²) are the 5 OhaGirls from the Children’s Morning Show ‘OhaSuta’ or “Good Morning Studio’ from April 2019. OhaGirl from Girls² includes members Oda Yuzuha (小田柚葉), Sumitani Momoka (隅谷百花), Tsuruya Misaki (鶴屋美咲), Ogawa Youka (小川桜花), Masuda Kurea (増田來亜),

Girls² (ガールズガールズ Gāruzu Gāruzu, pronounced “Girls Girls”) is a Japanese pop girl group co-managed by LDH and Sony Music Japan, composed of EXPG Studio graduates who starred in Takashi Miike’s Girls × Heroine! Series. The group is a supergroup comprised of members from Miracle², Magical², and Mirage². The group concept is “overwhelmingly cute and cool! Music that can be danced with POSITIVE & LOVELY and dance that makes you look like an adult!”. Girls²’s current lineup includes members Oda Yuzuha (小田柚葉), Sumitani Momoka (隅谷百花), Tsuruya Misaki (鶴屋美咲), Ogawa Youka (小川桜花), Masuda Kurea (増田來亜), Hishida Minami (菱田未渚美), Yamaguchi Kira (山口綺羅), Harada Toa (原田都愛), and Ishii Ran (石井蘭).
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