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For their next act, the social idols bring to us the animated promotional video to their latest digital release “Afure gorilla (あふれゴリラ)”. As you can tell, there will be many gorillas in the PV. The primates wear skirts, wave pom poms, and twirl like they belong in a millenial produced video with shafts of sun streaming in from the background. OK, that’s a pretty specific image that has nothing to do with “Afure gorilla”, but that tangent just goes to demonstrate that there really isn’t a whole lot going on with this promotional video. The music feels a bit childish, which fits the theme well. With the heaviness of the last few promotional videos I’ve seen, this lighter side of things is a welcome change. “Afure gorilla” is available digitally from the retailers listed below.








NOTALL, stylized notall(ノタル), is a Japanese idol unit with the concept of “Next-generation social idol”. The group name comes from the English “not all” implying that the members do not find limits, are not satisfied even if they’re famous, and they try to look forward always. Notall belongs to the MILLENIUM PRO agency. Notall’s current lineup includes members Sato Haruka (佐藤 遥), Katase Narumi (片瀬 成美), and Tasaki Reina (田崎 礼奈).
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