New PV Alert: Morning Musume。’17 – BRAND NEW MORNING

The lead promotional video for the 63rd Morning Musume release finally climbs the horizon. “BRAND NEW MORNING” looks and feels like a declaration of sorts. The girls wear military inspired red with double-breasted buttons and fringed epaulettes. Fukumura Mizuki leads new girls Kaga Kaede and Yokoyama Reina on a march through the idol warring period with affirmations like “We go down but we come up again” and “Don’t hate. Spread love”. Much like how “Help Me!” filled itself with phoenix imagery, Morning Musume reaffirms their place and their intention to continue to rise. Interestingly, the group also makes itself synonymous with Japan with their Brand New Morning and Rising Sun metaphors. Musically, “Brand New Morning” synth-pop has more urgency in it. Certainly one can hear the military inspiration with the song’s chant and melodic theme running through the song like a cadence. To use more modern linguistic terms, the song is hype. “Brand New Morning/Jealousy Jealousy” goes on sale March 8, 2017.

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