New PV Alert: Malcolm Mask McLaren – The Idiot’s Song

Back with a powerful new track, the Malcolm Mask McLaren trio bring their bats to the promotional video for “The Idiot’s Song”. In bold colors, the girls visit a few dicey locales with brokedown cars and graffiti littered abandonment. MMM give a great looking performance complete with a hop here, a headbang there, and a kick to punctuate things. Don’t let the bats and gunshots to the camera fool you, “The Idiot’s Song” is a cheery piece of music that eventually gets to a very satisfying breakdown requisite of the genre. Malcolm Mask McLaren have been consistently releasing some great tracks and come with my recommendation if you are looking to bridge your hardcore addiction and your idol love. “The Idiot’s Song” is the fourth single from Malcolm Mask McLaren and is available in stores now.

Malcolm Mask McLaren promoting “The Idiot’s Song”

Malcolm Mask McLaren(マルコム•マスク•マクラーレン)is a Japanese indie idol group formed in September 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. The group abreviates their name as MMM. Malcolm Mask McLaren sings melodic hardcore and features live performances with no MCs. The group’s name is derived from Malcolm McLaren, the infamous manager of The Six Pistols and other British punk acts from the late 70s. Initially the group wore masks during their live performances. Malcolm Mask McLaren’s current lineup includes members Kana (カナ), Momo (モモ), and Shino (シノ).
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