New PV Alert: Mako x Arai Hitomi – Yuki ya Konko

This whole “twin dance” trend is really something, isn’t it? Capitalizing further on this trend is Super Sport Xebio with their version of the Children’s Song “Yuki ya Konko” featuring Tokyo Girls’ Syle‘s Arai Hitomi and MakoMina‘s Mako. If you haven’t heard of MakoMina before, they are one of the more prominent Futago Dance duos. You can watch their PPAP version featuring Pikotaro himself here or you can sample more of their work here. Better yet, you can click on their links below. Regarding “Yuki ya Konko”, the girls look super cute as they dance through a store location. Gradually Mako and Hitomi gear up for what is sure to be the cutest snow trip of all time. Hopefully Super Sport Xebio will sell lots of snowboards and snow pants and fuzzy caps from this collaboration.

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