New PV Alert: LADYBABY – Riot Anthem

Working from a composition from HAJIMETAL and lyrics from HAJIMETAL and member Arima Emily, LADYBABY bring the majestic new promotional video for their photobook/download release “Riot Anthem”. The photobook provides a visual of the worldview of “Riot Anthem” as photographed by Iida Erika. Piano drips and drops precipitating through mossy outcroppings start “Riot Antem”, with Karasawa Fuka voicing delicately. The scream and the heaviness from Emily take over shortly thereafter. The grooving guitars continue to provide a through line to the past of LADYBABY, but “Riot Anthem” dyes itself with a new seriousness that’s apparent throughout the PV. Forest locations and underground lairs ad mysticism to the PV, and the European gardens and courtyards lend gothic horror element further strengthened by the members’ modified maid outfits. While “Riot Anthem” may not seem too different from previous offerings from LADYBABY, I can feel the sea change from the group as it grows past its roots. “Riot Anthem” Lyric Book is a unique release format and comes with 48 pages of photographs of LADYBABY from Iida Erica and a digital download card for the music.


LADYBABY promoting “Riot Anthem”



Ladybaby are a Japanese kawaii metal musical group, which originally consisted of aspiring photographic models Kaneko Rie (金子理江), Kuromiya Rei (黒宮れい), and Ladybeard, the bearded crossdressing persona of Australian male professional wrestler Richard Magarey. On August 1, 2016, the group rebranded itself after Ladybeard’s withdrawal from the group, going by “The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby”. With the withdrawal of Kuromiya in 2017, they returned to the original LADYBABY moniker and added new members. LADYBABY’s current lineup includes Kaneko Rie (金子理江), Karasawa Fuka (唐沢風花), Ikeda Nana (池田菜々), and Arima Emily (有馬えみり).
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