New PV Alert: Kamiyado – Umipos♡Daisuki (Choreography Version)

Today’s video review begins with the choreography version to Kamiyado’s “Umipos♡Daisuki”. As a choreography version, there isn’t a whole lot to the promotional video. The brightly colored seifuku of the group definitely makes for something to write home about. Then again, it’s a nice morning when one can spend the minutes watching the Kamiyado with the tranquil blue as a backdrop. However, at least on my listen, the audio sounds pretty inconsistent quality-wise, just a step above recording the audio coming from whatever speaker the girls are using for playback. As a theme song for Umipos (which is a sort of PR campaign for Japan’s oceans), “Umipos♡Daisuki” appropriately repeats itself many times over, which results in a bit of an ear worm. Do you have any take always from this sweet nugget of a song?

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