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Jewel☆Ciel is the next ArcJewel act to gift us with a new promotional video for the 2nd single “Natsuoto”. The girls get on an embankment for a stroll in their performance outfits lit by the setting sun. Along the way, we get group shots and gorgeous individual close ups of the young group. The production crew for “Natsuoto” had the imagination and vision to transform a residential block into a setting rich with texture and light. Add a few drone shots, and WHAMMO! you got yourself a quality PV. I just love the shots of the girls resting their heads together with the orange sun just over their shoulders; good on you Mr. Director! In particular, the camera seems to LOVE member Hamada Nana. Just look at those amazing shots of Nana with her dewy expression; it’s love. Jewel☆Ciel has lots of promise, and I’ll be following them all on Twitter as soon as I stop typing. “Natsuoto”, the second single from Jewel☆Ciel goes on sale May 14, 2019.

Jewel☆Ciel promoting “Aoi no mukou”



Jewel☆Ciel (ジュエル・シエル) is an idol group under Arc Jewel formed in 2018 with Hashimoto Keiichi (橋元恵一, @JAM) as general producer in conjunction with ArcJewel. The group name is a combination of “Jewel” and “Ciel” in French, which means sky. Jewel☆Ciel is affiliated with ArcJewel and is a sister group of Lovely☆Doll, Luce Twinkle Wink☆, Ange☆Reve, Chu☆Oh!Dolly, Jewel☆Niege etc. Jewel☆Ciel began their activities on August 12, 2018. Jewel☆Ciel’s current lineup includes members Emi Ando (安藤笑), Amane Nanase (天音 七星), Hamada Nana (濱田菜々), Yumesaki Riria (夢咲りりあ), and Sato Chikako (佐藤千花子).
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