New PV Alert: Hachimitsu Rocket – Hachimitsu Rocket ~kogane no nana-ri~

Ready to take off yet? Well, Hachimitsu Rocket, the latest Stardust /3B group practically have their space suits ready to wear with their second PV (also their 1st single release confusingly). The upbeat affair puts a dance on the set styled to look like a romanticized bedroom of an upwardly gazing high school student. Drama shots cast the energetic girls as members of the school’s rocketry club ready and willing to send their spacecraft skywards. Hachimitsu Rocket don gold double breasted outfits for performance, and let me tell you all: the dance looks snappy and full of enthusiasm. To me eye, “Hachimitsu Rocket ~kogane no nana-ri~” sells the group much better than their “Dagashi Kashi 2” ending theme released a few days ago, “Okashina Watashi to Hachimitsu no Kimi“. Have fun with Hachimitsu Rocket, and put your seatbelts on. You can buy Hachimitsu Rocket’s 1st and 2nd singles on March 7, 2018.


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Hachimitsu Rocket

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