New PV Alert: Fuwafuwa – Viva!! Lucky 4☆

Adding a touch of sexy to the cuteness of Fuwafuwa is the new promotional video for their latest single “Viva!! Lucky4☆”. Sparkling, strapless dresses give the Haraeki Ekimae Parties group a decidedly adult look even with all the fresh faces making eyes at the camera. The sound stage gets a club makeover with tube lighting slowly pulsing out the word “VIVA” and laser lights coloring the atmosphere in cool shades. Given the title, it’s not surprising that “Viva!! Lucky 4☆” sports a touch of latin rhythms to compliment the dance beats. Of course, we only get the requisite Avex short version (only 1 minute?!), so I’m not exactly sure how the PV will develop. I just know that the giant, heart-shaped lollipop might be my favorite proxy for a microphone of all time. “Viva!! Lucky4☆” hits the record store shelves on March 13, 2019.





FuwaFuwa promoting “Viva!! Lucky4☆”



Fuwafuwa (ふわふわ) is an idol group signed to avex. FuwaFuwa debuted on April 14, 2016 as part of the Haraeki Ekimae Parties project with Haraeki Stage A and LiKE. FuwaFuwa’s current lineup includes members Akasaka Sena (赤坂星南), Ito Koharu (伊藤小春), Iwasaki Haruka (岩崎春果), Endo Miyu (遠藤みゆ), Kaneshi Sana (兼次桜菜), Tsukada Momoka (塚田百々花), Nakano Aimi (中野あいみ), Hiratsuka Hina (平塚日菜), Motoshima Ririka (本島莉々果), Yokota Miyuki (横田美雪), Yoshizawa Rurika (吉澤瑠莉花), and Matsuzaki Rio (松崎梨央).
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