New PV Alert: Fleurette – Goshu Ondo ~Kagayaku mirai e~

The ninth single from Shiga based Fleurette produces a traditional infused promotional video. “Goshu Ondo ~Kagayaku miraie~” puts the seven members of Fleurette in some brilliant floral patterned outfits in shades of vermillion. The girls strike poses lying on a strip of pink carpet, but “Goshu Ondo ~Kagayaku mirai e~” really is about the dance. As the video is primarily a dance shot, we get a good look at the choreography for the song with its traditional arm movements mixed with more modern maneuvers. With “Gosh Ondo ~Kagayaku mirai e~” transitioning from the traditional to the hip hop beats early on, I think the mix of choreography probably is expected. Fleurette’s ninth single “Goshu Ondo – Kagayaku Mirai e – / Furupa!” is available for nationwide distribution on January 30, 2018.





Fleurette promoting “Goshu Ondo – Kagayaku Mirai e – / Furupa!”


About Fleurette

Fleurette (フルーレット) is a Japanese idol unit from Kabushikigaisha Friend Shiga (Shiga Friend Co., Ltd.) in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture. The group made its debut in July 2013 under the name Furifuru Sisters, and assumed their current name in May 2014. The name “Fleurette” (French for “small flowers”) signifies small flowers that come together to form a large bouquet. Fleurette’s current lineup includes TSUJI RIO (辻 梨央), RYOGA AKARI (涼賀 あかり), SHIMIZU MARUNA (清水 満月), NASU MIYABI (那須 雅), OKADA RINA (岡田 莉那), AKADA HINA (赤田 陽菜), and KITAGAWA HONOKA(北川 歩乃海).
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