New PV Alert: E-girls – Betsu sekai

Announced earlier, the E-girls ride is coming to end soon. Luckily for us, we still have a new single to promote from the group that’s been a cornerstone for JPop for the last 9 years. “Betsu sekia (別世界)” gets the group on an funky upbeat with memorable chorus vocals accentuated by the muted instrumental tones of the verses. The song sounds focused,refreshing, and cool in a way that makes me wish the group wasn’t on the way out. As the girls line up for their dance shots in front of the prop tree-for-all-seasons, we see the choreography and execution that made the E-girls a favorite of talent stans. Well-styled solo shots give the girls a layer of glamour that seems impossible for most of the idol offerings that come through my desk. So, let’s just enjoy the ride from here on out, eh? “Betsu sekai (別世界)” goes on sale January 29, 2020.





E-girls promoting “Betsu sekai”



E-girls (sometimes stylized as E-Girls or e-girls or E-girls; stands for Exile Girls) are a Japanese collective girl group created and managed by LDH while signed to music label Rhythm Zone from Avex. Created as a sister act to boy band Exile, E-girls originally consisted of all members from Dream, Happiness, and Flower. E-girls debuted in 2011 with their single “Celebration”. After a string of promotional recordings, E-girls released their debut record Lesson 1 two years later. E-girls’ current lineup includes members SAYAKA, Kaede (楓), Fujii Karen, 藤井夏恋, YURINO, Suda Anna, 須田アンナ, Washio Reina (鷲尾伶菜), Bando Nozomi (坂東希), Sato Harumi (佐藤晴美), Ishii Anna (石井杏奈), Yamaguchi Nonoka (山口乃々華), and Takebe Yuzuna (武部柚那).
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Single, maxi | CDJapan | YesAsia

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