New PV Alert: DESURABBITS – Sotsugyo Shojo -Mirai e-

“Sotsugyo Shojo -Mirai e- (卒業少女‐未来絵‐)”, the latest from offering from DESU RABBITS (formerly DESU.RABBITS, formerly DEATH RABBITS) plays heavy on the metal guitars and breakdowns and gives us some compelling reasons to pay close attention to the longtime Death Pop group. With kawaii metal rap verses broken up by Bucho’s vocals, Karin, Yuzu, and Emi take their craft very seriously and provide good looks at their more mature styles. In their seifuku (this is a song about graduation, right?) the girls look striking in their hooded performance shots and their Tokyo nighttime shots. More than anything that I’ve seen from the group, “Sotsugyo Shojo -Mirai e-” seems to signal a more serious approach to the idol profession by all involved parties, and I welcome this whole-heartedly. “Sotsugyo Shojo -Mirai e-“, the ninth single from DESURABBITS, goes on sale March 20, 2019.


Desu. Rabbits is a Japanese Death Pop group. The producer of the group, Bucho is also a member of the group and provides the ‘metal’ that the group is lacking. DESURABBITS was formed in October 2013 as a subgroup of usa☆usa club. At the time of formation, the group name was DEATHRABBITS, which changed to DESU.RABBITS in November 2016, and was finally changed to the current DESURABBITS in February 2019. The group aims to combine digital hardcore with catchy idol songs in a genre the group calls “Japanese Death Pop”. DESURABBITS’ current lineup includes members Yasui Karin (安井夏鈴), Okawa Yuzu (大川柚), Mochizuki Emi (望月愛実), and Bucho (部長 producer/member).
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