New PV Alert: dela – Natsuzora no Chapel

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Nagoya idols dela have a 10th single and would like you to see the corresponding promotional video. The short version of “Natsuzora no Chapel” linked here even begins with a spot of the girls personally selling the single to you. Their big selling point: swimwear. The song opens with a bit of fanfare and is quickly overtaken by the girls at a beach location. Delightful Enchanting Lovely Angels are more than just swimwear models, so the beach dance shots are supplemented with the six girls spending time at a local shopping area. Let’s not kid ourselves, the girls are really great looking and this is why most people will watch this PV. But actually, “Natsuzora no Chapel” provides an uplifting soundtrack for the on-goings. Honestly, I’ve found releases from this local group very enjoyable, and hopefully you enjoy these releases as much as me. dela’s “Natsuzora no Chapel” goes on sale August 15, 2017 although I can’t find purchase links on any of my standby sites. You might want to check dela’s iTunes and Recochoku pages if you want this release.

edit (2017.08.27): full version added

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