New PV Alert: DEADLIFT LOLITA – Muscle Cocktail

Starting with spoken word that sounds like a cross between an inspirational tape and weightlifter’s manifesto, DEADLIFT LOLITA give you more of that “Muscle Cocktail” you’ve been craving. Ladybeard and Reika work out for a fair bit of the promotional video, showing you exactly what they’re singing about in the song. There’s also some goofing at the beach and on a grassy hilltop to round out the shots of the duo in the gym. Ladybeard flexes his throat a bit in this release as well; his vocals become nearly melodic through the verses. If you’re a fan of DEADLIFT LOLITA, then you probably know what you are getting into with “Muscle Cocktail”. This release is 100% pure unadulterated inspiration for the swole idols out there.

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