New PV Alert: CY8ER – Renai Reality sho feat. Nakata Yasutaka

CY8ER push out their first album next year, and here we get a lead track with the help of musical mastermind Nakata Yasutaka (Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Capsule, etc.). In “Renai Reality sho (恋愛リアリティー症)”, the girls of CY8ER try on the VR goggles to simultaneously blind their senses and heighten their arousal. The VR landscapes work well in this context, and the kissy nature of things seems right in line with the free love the group is espousing in the piece. “Renai reality sho” feels like a softer side of the CY8ER, and maybe it’s about time to soften up the image. “Renai Reality sho” will be available on TOKYO, the first major album from CY8ER.








CY8ER (formerly known as BPM15Q) is a “new age vocal & DJ unit.” The name BPM15Q referred to both of the original members, with 15 referencing Ichigo Rinahamu (1 = ichi, 5 = go), and Q referencing Nicamoq. Rinahamu serves as the producer. Nicamoq left in late 2016, and 2 members joined in 2017, 3 members later joined in April 2017. At the same time, the group changed their name to CY8ER. CY8ER’s musical genre is commonly described as a mix of Future Bass and Drum & Bass, both subgenres of EDM. CY8ER’s current lineup includes members Ichigo Rinahamu (苺りなはむ), Koinumaru Pochi (小犬丸ぽち), Suzukawa Mashiro (or just Mashiro) (涼川ましろ), Yamaiyume Yammy (病夢やみい), and Fujishiro Anna (藤城アンナ).
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