New PV Alert: College Cosmos – Dreams are mean

Starting with its musical motif on piano, “Yume wa ijiwaru (夢は意地悪)” from new group “College Cosmos” decorates our view with visions of blue. Using the photographic medium as its metaphor for dreams, the college girls really outdo themselves in looking cute and ready for the big time of their debut single. The look through the camera’s viewfinder makes for a unique framing of the video, as the girls flood the halls and lobbies of the campus. The large (and I mean LARGE) group aesthetic is not something that you will see from many Up Front acts, so the College Cosmos approach feels fresh. Of course, you will see much of the familiar metaphors: balloons float into the sky and the sunlight hits the camera at inspiring angles. And, I quite like the musical offering brought to the table by the pair of Omori Shoko and Tokisawa Nao. The sound of “Yume wa ijiwaru” is expansive and inspiring in its use of melodies that intersect the vocals with the piano motif. This is a great start for College Cosmos; I can’t wait to hear more! College Cosmos’ first single “Yume wa Ijiwaru / Kotoba no Mizu wo Roka Shitai / Kigou Nanka ja nai Watashitachi wa” goes on sale March 6, 2019.





College Cosmos promoting “Yume wa Ijiwaru / Kotoba no Mizu wo Roka Shitai / Kigou Nanka ja nai Watashitachi wa”



College Cosmos (カレッジ・コスモス) is an idol group made up of female university students which was formed in October 2018 as a joint project between Space Craft Group and UP-FRONT GROUP.
The group was formed in search of a new type of idol to replace the present image of “idol (アイドル) = guuzou (偶像)”—guuzou being the Japanese word for “idol” which has the connotation of religious or cult-like worship. Therefore College Cosmos will not have the unspoken “love ban” rule. The members will balance work and their studies with the aim of becoming known as an intellectual group of idols. Notably, College Cosmos’ large lineup includes Country Girls member Yamaki Risa
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