New PV Alert: Chu-Z – Bun bun towel

New promotional video today from Chu-Z in the form of the funk rock “Bun bun towel (ブンブンタオル)”. With lots of live footage of the girls doing their thing on stage, you can easily see the towels whipping back and forth. “Bun bun towel” sounds like it could be the first song of a set: each girl gets a little bit of an intro. We haven’t heard from Chu-Z here in the New PV Alerts, so it’s nice to see something new from the idol group.








Chu-Z (チューズ) is a Japanese idol group formed in July 2012 to include former Idoling!! member Kobayashi Maia (麻衣愛). The name Chu-Z is a wordplay with the English word “choose”. The meaning is that the members have multiple talents like dancing, singing, talking… that can be selected. The idol unit is produced by Sasaki Yohey from Panicrew. According to the legend, only 2 people bought some goods after their debut performance at Yokohama Blitz. Chu-Z’s current lineup includes members Futaba (双葉), Luna (留奈), Kana (加奈), Kaede (楓), Miku (吉田明加), Mayu (レボリューションMAYU), Moe (萌), Nishi Moeha (西 萌葉), and Kasuga Kanako (春日かなこ).
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