New PV Alert: callme – Bring You Happiness

callme’s 4th single release has a March 22, 2017 release date and gleaming new promotional video. “Bring you happiness” features the threesome in a strange fabricated set with color pallet stacks and sugar cube-like boxes with the group’s name painted boldly and, strangely, roughly. From the short preview, callme dabbles a bit in mannequin-esque scenes and a few visual tricks. I suppose the theme here is a distribution center gone a bit awry as the girls bring you (guessed it) happiness. Musically, “Bring you happiness” sounds to my ears like classic callme: a bit electro and a bit jazzy. Some interesting acoustic guitar licks under the big beat really catch my attention. Choreography as sharp as ever, look for the latest callme in about a month.

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