New PV Alert: BLACKNAZARENE – officialfake

BLACKNAZARENE finally make it to the New PV Alerts with their first promotional video “officialfake”. The new group takes a metal approach to their songs with a blackness. Quite literally, the backgrounds are black, the outfits are black, and an air of darkness hangs over everything. Quick paced live band sounds enshroud the serious idol vocals with actual musical muscle. I’ve been listening to their released songs for a little while now, and I really hope the group can go far. There’s definitely something here: and attractive set of girls with a great music producer and a compelling concept. “Officialfake” the promotional video mainly works as a performance shot on that darkly lit stage. Close camera angles don’t really reveal the choreography as much as it reveals the appeal of the girls (which is not to be underestimated). Fun fact: Black Nazarene is the name of a life-sized, dark skinned statue of Jesus enshrined in Manila, Philippines. So, the idol group’s name pretty much means “black savior”. That’s a lot to live up to.




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