The debut album from Hello! Project rookies BEYOOOOONDS, appropriately titled BEYOOOOOND1St, gets some promotion with shades of metal on “Atsui! (アツイ!, Hot!)”. The girls bang their heads in a crumbling parking garage, but you’ll probably get your jollies from the number of skits woven through the PV. Maybe you like Kobayashi Honoka’s piano intro, or Nishida Shiori’s table tennis, or the air blower gag. Whatever you choose, BEYOOOOONDS gifts us with tons of personality in “Atsui!” while simultaneously giving us something to bang our heads. “Atsui!” from BEYOOOOOND1St goes on sale November 27, 2019.








BEYOOOOONDS (ビヨーンズ) is a Japanese pop group under Hello! Project that was formed in October 2018 as a collective of two groups consisting of former Hello Pro Kenshuusei, CHICA#TETSU (チカ#テツ; Philosophical Girls) and Ame no Mori Kawa Umi (雨ノ森 川海; Rain Forest River Ocean, officially abbreviated as RFRO), combined with the winners of Hello! Project 2018 “ONLY YOU” Audition. BEYOOOOONDS’ current lineup includes CHICA#TETSU members Ichioka Reina (一岡伶奈), Shimakura Rika (島倉りか), Nishida Shiori (西田汐里), and Eguchi Saya (江口紗耶); Ame no Mori Kawa Umi members Takase Kurumi (高瀬くるみ), Maeda Kokoro (前田こころ), Yamazaki Yuhane (山﨑夢羽), Okamura Minami (岡村美波), and Kiyono Momohime (清野桃々姫); Hirai Miyo (平井美葉); Kobayashi Honoka (小林萌花); and
Satoyoshi Utano (里吉うたの).
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