New PV Alert: Batten Showjo Tai – BDM (YouTube ver.)

For their 6th single, the “But Show” bring us the YouTube version promotional video for “BDM”. A high energy piece, the girls burn up the infrared scope with heat signatures that end up way up in the red spectrum. The girls get a couple of setups here in “BDM”: a performance shot puts the girls together with a Ramones Tee wearing group of musicians and their worn Fender guitars; and a solo and group shot that puts the girls in the center of a circular track. Batten Showjo Tai put on their best denim skirts and faded denim jackets as they fling themselves from one position to the next. I’m a big fan of the studded and painted denim jackets sported by the members of Batten Showjo Tai- they remind me of my ex-girlfriend from Middle School trying to both take advantage and abuse her Japanese-American parents. If you can’t tell, I’m very impressed with this offering from Batten Showjo Tai. I can watch this energetic dance shot for hours as evidenced by the dozens of loops I’ve endured for this New PV Alert. “BDM” from Batten Showjo Tai goes on sale November 21, 2018.





Batten Showjo Tai promoting “BDM”

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(Kikinshai Ban) [Regular Edition]

(Kikinshai Ban) [Regular Edition] | CDJapan | YesAsia

(Choshu Husky Ban) [Limited Edition / Type A]

(Choshu Husky Ban) [LE Type A] | CDJapan | YesAsia

(Kaijyu Kuroobi Ban) [LE Type B]

(Kaijyu Kuroobi Ban) [Limited Edition / Type B] | CDJapan | YesAsia

(Haru no Seta Ban) [Limited Edition / Type C]

(Haru no Seta Ban) [LE Type C] | CDJapan | YesAsia

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