New PV Alert: AKB48 – Teacher Teacher

On this second day of May, AKB48 said to the wota world: Let there be LEGS. For their 52nd single, the group makes a conscious decision to add sex appeal to the already potent electro pop groove of “Teacher Teacher”. Now, we can’t proceed too far without addressing the inherent KPop influence of the product. It’s not as though KPop has a monopoly on the kind of pop featured in “Teacher Teacher”, but the choreography and look of the PV definitely harkens to that other great Asian pop market. Besides, it’s not like calling this a Korean-influenced product is a slur to either party. Let’s get past this. “Teacher Teacher” gives us big production numbers in a variety of locales: big top circus tents, enchanted forests, and the CG-tastic mountain-scape (just to name a few). After the more naturalistic promotional videos that AKB48 has been producing of late, “Teacher Teacher” does seem like it’s pulling out the stops. The promotional video is a resounding success as a spectacle of Idol Pop. Personally, I enjoy the synthy upbeat rhythms of heard throughout the production: it’s bouncy and fun like all good pop should be. “Teacher Teacher” goes on sale May 30, 2018.



AKB48 profile image
AKB48 promoting “Teacher Teacher”

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