New PV Alert: 963 (Kurumi) – Ima, Kimi to Nanairo

Fukuoka idol duo 963 get their groove going with a song written by singer/songwriter and all-around coolness Bonjour Suzuki (ボンジュール 鈴木). Ima, Kimi to Nanairo lays down some easy grooves that match the lazy feel of the promotional video. Characteristic of its pedigree, “Ima, Kimi to Naniro” swirls around the listener with magical sounds reverberating across the stereo channels. The duo themselves trip through the days and nights like a waking dream. The orange colors of the city scenes really transports my head space to a different place. For me, 963 is definitely worth a listen and a watch for its moodiness and interesting visuals. Check out the 963’s iTunes page for more of the duo.


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