New PV Alert: 2econd Family – Hajimari no uta

2econd Family get in on the promotional video scene with their latest release “Hajimari no uta”. The four girls play in sets both real and digitally constructed. On my few replays of “Hajimari no uta”, I haven’t found much a connective thread (not that one need be present). The winged motif of feathers and other avian graphics definitely suggest something, but I’m not going to dig too deeply. Regardless of that observation, I think the girls of 2econd family are styled fantastically, with their tank-tops and denim shorts. I know you shouldn’t trust me to say what is fashionable and what is not fashionable, but I think the girls look fashionable in that idol way. I can’t find any release links for “Hajimari no uta”, so enjoy the PV!


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2econd Family
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