New PV Alert: 26ji no Masquerade – Hanaichimonme

New sounds today from the five members of 26ji no Masquerade. Mixing together traditional Japanese instruments with metal arrangements, “Hanaichimonme” puts the girls in business mode. The promotional video puts the members in kimono inspired outfits patterned in blue plaid for a corrugated metal storeroom dance shot. The camera zooms and tilts to add some dynamics to the shots, but the heart of “Hanaichimonme” are the choreography shots. Through the off-focused cameras and vaseline smeared lenses, 26ji no Masquerade come out with their great looks accentuated by their traditionally inspired gear. Well-styled and attractive, “Hanaichimonme” should tickle those of you out there looking for idol music that leans more “Japanesey”.



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26ji no Masquerade

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