New PV Alert: 22/7 – Nanimo Shite Agerarenai

22/7 get a couple of announcements in recent times: first is the accouncement of the TV Anime coming in January 2020, and secondly is their 4th single “Nanimo shite agerarenai (何もしてあげられない)”. The promotional video for this 4th single gets an anime promotional video that plays a little bit like a side scroller with the members striking static poses at different levels of the composition. The animation looks pretty enough and the girls, 2D though they are, look wonderfully drawn. Don’t worry, there is a short section of bona fide animation buried about halfway through the PV. I also like the way the girls adopt the outfits of the 3D girls by the last chorus (or are the 3D girls wearing the 2D outfits?). The musical offerings of “Nanimo shite agerarenai” is a string filled, angsty thing with short, stabbing phrases giving way to a more lyrical chorus. It doesn’t feel completely like an anisong, yet has carries a bit more emotional weight than your average idol song. You can buy “Nanimo shite agerarenai” in stores starting on August 21, 2019.





22/7 promoting “Nanimo Shite Agerarenai”


ABOUT 22/7

22/7 (read as Nanabun no Nijyuuni (ナナブンノニジュウニ)) is a Japanese idol girl group and anime series project between Yasushi Akimoto (AKB48), Aniplex, and Sony Music Records. The project is described as “idols who transcend dimensions.” The members of the group provide the voice and motion capture for their characters. 22/7 will also have their own variety show on Tokyo MX beginning July 7, 2018, titled 22/7 Keisanchuu (22/7 計算中). An anime adaptation was announced in July 2017, and it was later scheduled to premiere in January 2020. 22/7’s current lineup includes members Amaki Sally (天城サリー), Umino Ruri (海乃るり), Kuraoka Mizuha (倉岡水巴), Saijo Nagomi (西條和), Shirosawa Kanae (白沢かなえ), Suzuhana Moe (涼花萌), Takatsuji Urara (高辻麗), Takeda Aina (武田愛奈), Hanakawa Mei (花川芽衣), Hokaze Chiharu (帆風千春), and Miyase Reina (宮瀬玲奈).
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