My Favorite Memorable CMs with Idols in Them

Recently I came across a Japanese TV Commercial (CM for short) for the multiplayer game World of Tanks. It features rising star Matsunaga Arisa of Link STARS’s. It got me thinking about the history of Japanese CMs and some of my favorite ones over the past 15 years. Lemme know if I missed any!

Classic Matsuura Aya. Classic Japanese Snack.

Snow Karate with Maeda Atsuko. Incredibly cute.

Ex-Otome Shinto member Aoi Wakana. Ritz Bits Sandwiches never looked so good.

Here’s an old one with Ogura Yuko. She was a very popular gravure idol at the time and she was known for always doing weird things. Like saying she was an alien from a different planet.

Always liked these Fit’s Gum CM’s with Becki Cruel in them. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to her about her run of fame in Japan. Was a really interesting conversation.

There then were the SUPER☆GiRLS and all the promotions they did for the 7-11 stores. There ended up being a lot of bikinis in them.

I loved Kitano Kii in this commercial. She was such a spaz. Always wanted to meet someone with this kind of confidence and energy.

Continuing with the crazy stalker school girl theme, here’s a CM with Horikita Maki.

One last one of the Sea Breeze CMs, this one with Kawashima Umika.

Also at the time, Pocari Sweat CMs were really my favorite. This series featuring Ayase Haruka. Always found these to be oddly calming. Especially like the one with the bath and the one with the old man.

Now we get into the 48 Group CMs. Here’s the one where AKB loses to a can of coffee.

Remember those Puccho CMs? And the one that led to all the controversy about kissing and spreading germs?

And one of the most memorable moments in AKB/Idol History. The Yasai Sisters

And who could forget the Round 1 Promotions NMB48 did. What a great time to be a fan.

So good that I had to include another one. Can we agree that Yamamoto Sayaka is the MVP in this?

That reminded me of my favorite HKT promotion. Cafe GUSTO. Man that chicken looks good.

A great commercial for gum. There’s a second one featuring other members too if you want more. [Part 2]

Then there’s the series where Watanabe Miyuki is a car who can’t back up correctly.

This has got to be the cutest rear end collision of all time, no?

And then there was the passing of the torch moments with AKB. With Shinoda Mariko and Shimazaki Haruka.
And with Oshima Yuko and Sashihara Rino.

I found this Cup Noodle CM to be very classy and representative of the Idol life. There’s also the Shimazaki Haruka version which was really good too.

Which reminded me of another Cup Noodle CM Series with Hashimoto Kanna and a Sailor Moon type theme. STAY HOT!

Then of course if you’re going to talk about Hashimoto Kanna, you have to mention the Devil Kanna CM. [Regular Version]

Then there’s the original Devil Girl Itano Tomomi calling all her boyfriends telling them she misses them. Get it? It’s a commercial for a cellphone service. Call all you want.

And then there was Kojima. AKB’s now longest tenured member. Always willing to strip down to her underwear to do a commercial. What a gal.

This was shot after Oshima Yuko graduated. For some reason the S is a dollar sign and the Y is a Yen sign.

Always liked this Kyary Nintendo CM

Then there was a time when Pocky Commercials were all the rage for me. None as memorable as this one with Kutsuna Shiori.

Then there was also the “theatrical version”

And with that, I’ll leave you with the full PV for the song featured in the CM. One of the Godliest productions that still makes me laugh to this day.

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