The Greatest Meme with Milky

For those of you who don’t know the story, Watanabe Miyuki (pictured below) has always played the temptress character. She’s always talking about her power over men and recently she was featured in a solo song in which she’s singing about her ability to get them to do stuff for her, like carry her bags.

We are currently at Tokyo Big Site for the AKB 2 Shot event. Dave took a hilarious picture with Milky in which he said “Pretend I’m Carrying Your Bags”.

What started as a simple 2 shot pose looks like it could have enough steam to have the repeat success of No One Cuter Than Maeda Atsuko. And I DLJ48 bring you the next meme in the making.

So originally the photo began as this, NSK General Manager Dave Chang offering to carry Watanabe Miuyuki’s bags as quoted in lyrics to Waruky.


But from there, the real magic began
Suddenly he became a Super-Saiyan


Then he became a dual wielding Jedi


Then he was actually carrying bags


Then he had to go Super Saiyan to carry more bags


Then he became old man Chang


Then it went to killing Bambi’s mother


Then he was riding a shark


And taming dinosaurs


Even Kao-tan got in on the action


Of course we always have to come back to reality….


And finally…..


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