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Kairi sent us an article with his thoughts on every single member involved in the recent AKB48 team shuffle. He makes some very interesting points so if you’d like to read his thoughts you can do so after the break.


TEAM A (aka Team DAE)

Takahashi Minami (Team A (48 Group/48 Family General Director) ): TKMN in training to succeed TGSK. I think she, as the 48 Group’s Leader will be the voice of the members in important staff meetings. Also if Yasusu has an idea for the group, he will have it go through TKMN and have her announce things. Her role could become bigger than we expect, but I hope someone comes out and fill us in exactly what this position’s details are. VIVA LA TKMN!!!

Shinoda Mariko (Team A Captain): Since she is not graduating anytime soon, and will probably follow in TKMN’s footsteps some day (I will not give up this Tsubasa theory because of TKMN lol). She was also kinda viewed as Team A’s vice-captain of sorts, why not? I think she is worthy of this title, even if she denies it.

Iwata Karen: She took up Mariko’s speech during the Election and promised to try harder to crush the old gen. Do your best in front of your new captain, and don’t disappoint!!

Izuta Rina: FINALLY KAPPA-CHAN IS IN A TEAM!!! Before June, I felt she was the most hard working among the active Kenkyuusei. So proud of her.

Iriyama Anna: Hmm, I would have preferred Annin in Team B.

Oshima Ryoka: RYOCHAN!!!! Seeing Ryoka promoted already and in the Up and Coming Girls unit makes me excited for her future. Also, I believe it will be 13th gen as a whole that overshadows 9th gen. Continue to watch the rest of the 13th gen Kenkyuusei.

Kasai Tomomi: To be honest, I did not like her in Team B. I felt she would fit more in Team A in comparison. If there was one reason to keep her in Team B it’s because she is “stacked”.

Kawaei Rina: She is one of those Team 4 members that could end up being obscured a year from now in this new team.

Kikuchi Ayaka: Her Cinderella-like story won’t stop! Now she’s in Team A, maybe she’ll find another big break.

Kotani Riho (Team A and Team N): Ripopo has suddenly become a favorite among management with her Sashihara-like personality, hasn’t she? If you want to recreate another Sasshi, Ripopo is the ideal candidate. After getting center position in one of NMB’s B-side units and making it to this year’s Janken tournament, I see good things in Ripopo’s future. 4/20!!!

Kobayashi Marina: I’m ok/watever on this. Don’t lose to those ex-Team 4 members!

Sato Sumire: I’m not as big of a fan of her as I used to be. Seeing her look bored on TV doesn’t give the best of impressions. Mariko, get on her ass. When Yasusu explained why he created Nogizaka46 to get keep all members on their toes, I honestly had Sumire in mind.

Sato Natsuki: I nominate you for the next chapter of SDN48.

Takahashi Juri: Juri…..and….Kawaei…. STILL ON THE SANE TEAM?!?!? Team 4’s ultimate duo may make a bigger impact in Team A. Though I feel Juri will receive the bulk of the benefit from the move.

Tano Yuuka: I hope to see her bring G+ discussions to the Tean A Stage MCs.

Nakatsuka Tomomi: Looking at this beautiful girl, I still don’t see why she isn’t as popular as say a Maeda Ami. I do hope to see her find a break in Team A.

Nakamata Shiori: NAKAMATTTTTA!!!! Had to get that out. She would be awesome in any team. I wonder if Yasusu purposely put her in the same team as the new General Director (TKMN) and my pick for future General Manager (Mariko)….

Nito Moeno: Nitto & Moeno on the same team AGAIN?? Separate them already…..

Matsui Sakiko: YES! Master Sakiko fits Team A the most out of all 3 teams. Good move.

Morikawa Ayaka: Congrats on your promotion!!! Crush the old gen! As someone who regularly watches Ariyoshi AKB, I miss her the most on the show. IF SLEEPY SAW HER BODY IN A BIKINI, HE WOULD MARRY HER REAL QUICK!!

Yokoyama Yui (NMB48 and Team A): Remember what Tron always says, “TEAM A IS YASUSU’s FAVORITE TEAM!” As for Yuihan going to NMB, well it was kinda expected if they did another concurrent position transfer.

Watanabe Mayu: The reason why she is in Team A? Because Yukirin and her do questionable things with each other in the restrooms (just kidding). She is the next center, there is no other reason to put her in Team A.

Notes: “THE REASON WHY I FELL FOR TEAM A IS GONE!!!! GONE!!!” by Yoshishi from ANN


TEAM K (aka Team Tall)

Oshima Yuko (Team K Captain): I think the reason to make Yuko captain was a follow-up desperate move to make her stay. Beg her & give her responsibilities with a new team to lead. Keep her mind off graduation by begging her to lead the next generation of AKB48.

Akimoto Sayaka: I wonder if these graduations rumors are true. I hope not, because Yuko and Sayaka make the greatest 1-2 punch as captain and vice-captain. Team K can only get stronger from here.

Abe Maria: YOUR GRANDMA GONNA BE SO PROUD! With Micha in Team B, she fills the my-pace role in the team. Also Micha was known for her fierceness on stage, Abe Maria can fill those shoes quite nicely.

Itano Tomomi: I have no reaction to Tomochin in Team K. She fits quite well here, and moving a certain Team 4 member into this team makes things interesting.

Uchida Mayumi: She belongs here. I am interested in how she gets along with the new Team K members.

Kitahara Rie (SKE48 and Team K): Same with Yuihan, this was a predictable, yet welcomed move. Unless there is a SKE shuffle, I’m thinking Team E for Kitarie. They need more star power in that team.

Kuramochi Asuka: Kuramochi fits well here. She adds a lot of strength to the team.

Kobayashi Kana: That hug from the 2012 AKB48 General Elections makes me think that was the “nail in the coffin” to move her to Team K if a shuffle happened. She is originally from Team K, so I don’t have a problem.

Sato Amina: I prefer her in Team B, but I find this move interesting.

Shimada Haruka: RIGHT MOVE. RIGHT MOVE. And, RIGHT MOVE! Even if Tean 4 still existed, I still say she fits K more.

Suzuki Shihori: RIGHT MOVE, RIGHT MOVE. And, EXCELLENT MOVE! She was apart of the original and 2nd Team B, but I felt with her height she fit Team K more.

Chikano Rina: Derp face is in Team K!! Derp face has height, which adds to the character of Team Tall.

Nakata Chisato: If the reason why she ranked in the Elections was because of her ironman-like effort in the Theater, I hope she continues that here in the new Team K.

Nakaya Sayaka: The majority of Team Mousa (members sign to the agency Mousa) are in Team K. Nakaya, however, I preferred in Team A.

Nagao Mariya: Tomochin and NGO on the same team? WOW! Recently, they became very friendly with each other. I like this move for that reason

Fujita Nana: The #1 person in AKB48 suspected to be lesbian (according to 2ch). She is also a bit of a sadistic character. This team will be heaven for her, and that scares me a little.

Maeda Ami: Ami was suppose to replace Acchan! Maeda for Maeda. I would want her in Team A for that reason, but her height says she belongs here.

Masuda Yuka: RIGHT MOVE, RIGHT MOVE. AND, Best move. She has the aura of Team K exuding from her pores. Seeing her in Team B was weird.

Matsui Jurina (Team S, Team K): I wonder what Jurina’s position will be in this newly reformed Team K……

Matsubara Natsumi: Maybe you will work out in Team K after all.

Mitsumune Kaoru: (KAORU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MITTSU!!!!!!!!!!…..) To be honest, I would have preferred Mittsu to be in Team Dae rather than in Team Tall. Just like Iwata Karen, Mittsu took up Mariko’s speech at the Elections and has been working like crazy. The person she most respects in AKB is Akimoto Sayaka, so she gets to work with her. They have a really interesting classic Senpai-Kouhai relationship.

Miyazaki Miho: What the hell? Why this team? I’d have preferred it if they had shipped her off to a regional office rather than put her in Team K. I think she’d benefit from a regional office transfer.

Muto Tomu: Along with Kaoru, I would have preferred Tomu in Team A, since she was hanging out with Team A and went out with Acchan privately. But I think she will fit this team quite well. (Note: According to 2ch, her father named her “Mutou Tomu”. Her mom passionately hated it, which started a big argument between them after Tomu was born. Also, there is a 100yen store that renamed itself “MUTOUTOMU” in support for Tomu after she ranked in the prelims). I seriously want to shake the hand of that ONE wota that spent his entire life savings on voting tickets to get her into the Elections, she probably wouldn’t have gotten promoted without that.

Notes: Uhh, Garry, other than being too busy, there is another important reason why popular members are barely at Theater shows. Members get paid a certain amount of money. Some more than others. Top tier senbatsu (especially Kami7) members usually are expensive to pay (with the theater’s profit currently in the negative) off, so they only have them there when an important event happens.


TEAM B (AKA Team Stacked)

Umeda Ayaka (Team B Captain): The way I felt about Masuda Yuka in Team B has carried over to Umechan. She exudes the aura of Team K, so just seeing her in Team B feels very weird to me.

Ishida Anna (SKE48 Team KII, Team B): I also thought Tron was trolling about his SKE oshi having a concurrent position in AKB…..until I saw the twitter feeds and 2ch. Out of all of the people given a concurrent position in the 48 Family, this is indeed the most unpredicted. That said, I am very curious as to what role she will play in the 3rd Team B.

Ishida Haruka: She has the aura and “tools” that fit the Team B spirit, so seeing her move elsewhere would have been weird to me.

Ichikawa Miori: The freshest move ever! This move rivals Shimada Haruka in Team K as the Best Team 4-to-Team K move. In this team, Lemon may find something to further push herself and gain back some of her lost popularity.

Iwasa Misaki: Wasamin is one of those adaptable members that could fit into any team within AKB48, so I approve of this move.

Oba Mina: The new pride of Team Stacked. She has the tools to fit in. If she spoke Kansai-ben, she could fit into Team N of NMB48 because of said “tools”.

Oya Shizuka: I think rather than AKB48, she should have been shipped to the regional office in Hakata (Oya Shizuka is from Fukuoka). I really like Oya’s antics and personality, and this is harsh for me to say, but I cannot see her fitting into any of the 3rd generation AKB teams…..

Kashiwagi Yuki: The original pride of Team Stacked!!! With all past captains stripped of their captaincy, I can see Yukirin retaining her presence and being a vice-captain of some sort. Not a 1-2 punch like Yuko and Sayaka in Team K, but I can see her working well with Umechan.

Katayama Haruka: BBA best fits Team A, but for comic relief. Team B doesn’t seem too bad for her.

Kato Rena: As much of a push as she has been getting recently, I think this move may hinder her a little. I think she better fits Team A.

Kojima Haruna: Question: During the last shuffle, why wasn’t this move made? LOOK AT HER! She has the some of the best “tools” in AKB48! Also, she fits that cuteness that Team B oozes. She is perfect for Team Stacked. She may even remain in this team during the next shuffle 3 years from now.

Kojima Natsuki: Team Stacked is STACKED! For anyone that watched the Kenkyuusei in bikinis on Ariyoshi AKB, they would definitely agree that she fits here. The only other Kenkyuusei that could rival her “tools” would be the “My tools could crush Kojiharu” Sasaki Yukari (voice of Eguchi Aimi). Congratulations on being moved to a team.

Komori Mika: Komori fits in Team B because she fits nowhere else. Period.

Shimazaki Haruka: Paruru in Team B is questionable to me. I guess this means Yasusu wont put ALL of his favorites in one Team (Team Dae). Among a team with powerful members, I hope she can make herself stand out (and by that, not literally standing 4 meters away from the rest of the group on stage like she always does. That Ponkotsu chick).

Takeuchi Miyu: I am afraid that Miyu is just destined to become an obscure member in AKB, regardless of team. Please prove me wrong.

Tanabe Miku: I honestly don’t know where Miku fits with this shuffle. I will just have to accept her in Team B. Keep working hard on your weekly 3-minute TV show!!

Nakamura Mariko: I think Nakamura fits into Team B well. With the members on this team, I can see her crafting her MC skills. It was my opinion that she should have been in-charge of MCs with Team 4. This move will benefit her.

Natori Wakana: Was an obscure Kenkyuusei. But trust me, in a bikini, she makes you think “Her tools qualify her to be in Team Stacked”. I hope to see her get out of her comfort zone and push herself more. She has a bad-mouth when annoyed and I hope she brings it out during MCs.

Nonaka Misato: Team B screams my-paceness and if you are looking for someone like that, look no further than Micha. Got this year’s tour named after her, hope to see the ball continue to roll in the 3rd Team B.

Fujie Reina: Reina, just like Wasamin, fits pretty much in any team. Although I personally would keep her in Team K.

Minegishi Minami: Another veteran of Team Stacked! The Geesh has come with “tools” and Gachapin face in-hand to Team B. Get excited, very excited.

Yamauchi Suzuran: This really is Team Stacked. Grand Fisher Suzuran in Team B. She fits the cuteness that Team B requires. With this 20+ member lineup, she may have more time to focus on catching up to Tiger Woods… well maybe not. Speaking of Grand Fisher….

Watanabe Miyuki (Team N, Team B): In a very different way, Namba Pride of Team Stacked! There are 3 girls in the 48 Family worthy of the title “Grand Fisher”, and two of them are both in Team B! Its crazy. Maybe with training, Oya Shizuka can learn from the master and truly become a fisher? We shall see. (The third girl worthy of the title “Grand Fisher” is SKE48 Team S Suda Akari)

Notes: It may be wise to just have 1 oshimen for the 48 Family. U never know, your AKB oshi and SKE/NMB/HKT/JKT oshi might end up in the same group! Or even on the same Team! David, who I finally though gained a HKT oshi with Sasshi’s transfer, will most likely be a HKT DD now. Reason for becoming a HKT DD? See below..



Ota Aika (HKT48): Damn Yasusu, I was one step closer to making Sashihara Rino David’s oshimen then u do this shit. I approve of this move as long as Ota Aika joins Team KIII, along with the rumored 2nd-coming of Matsui Jurina.

Takajo Aki (JKT48): Takajo Aki is a REAL beauty. A beauty that could charm the masses. Her move to JKT could have all of Jarkata down on their knees bowing to this goddess. I am interested to see which JKT members will grow with Akicha being around, especially Rena Nozawa.

Nakagawa Haruka (JKT48): What better way to put yourself to the test than to educate and learn from your foreign sisters! I am very anxious how “The Idol Formerly Known As Harugon” grows during this project. I think she will be THE BRIDGE that brings JKT closer to the rest 48 Family. I have an unlimited amount of faith in her. Hope to see her and Rezky get close, for the sake of one of the NSK staff members.

Suzuki Mariya (SNH48): AKB has not done much for Suzuki Mariya. In another country, China no less, that has starting to drink that AKB kool-aid, they will grab onto any AKB members thrown at them. Its inconceivable that she wont benefit from this transfer.

Miyazawa Sae (SNH48): When Sae-bro went to China last year, I think she fell in love with it. So it was a no brainer to see her volunteer to be in SNH48. Because of her popularity throughout the entire AKB fandom, she will become a very key piece to the success of SNH48. My only concern is that SNH mangement will rely on her too much and the other SNH members will just be backup dancers to the “AKB Senbatsu member”. If the group is managed correctly, SNH will be a key player and ally to battle KPOP in Asia and possibly complete Operation nWo48 in the East. AKS needs SNH to succeed, this sister group in particular CANNOT fail.

Note: Notice how 2 members were moved to Jakarta48, 2 members moved to Shanghai48, and only 1 to HKT. Also, no TPE transfers.
Note 2: This project is suppose to last from 6 months to a year. Notice that they don’t hold concurrent positions, but that wont matter because I predict a handful of people will graduate when they return. If not, some concurrent positions in AKB like Jurina, Milky and Ripopo will end.

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