Momoiro Clover Z chibi-arts Figures Revealed

Thanks to community member Nyanmaruz for the tip.

Good news coming out of Bandai’s Tamashii Nation 2011 for all of you Momoiro Clover Z fans out there. The whacky idol group are to get their very own line of miniature figures. Decked out in the costumes from their “Santa-san” PV, the figures go on sale February 14th from all good Japan-based character and hobby websites.

If you’re familiar with Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid line, these figures are modeled very much in the same mold (no pun intended). Typically 4 inches in height and designed to be as cutesy as possible, anyone hoping for a more realistic interpretation of their favorite member will be left disappointed. Still, I think the cutesy angle works pretty well here.

The main sticking point for these figures in my mind is the price point. Figures from chibi-arts tend to retail for anywhere between 3000-3500yen ($38-45) and there’s going to be five of these. Anyone looking to get the full set is going to be left with a very sore wallet. Maybe they’ll offer the full set at a discount if we’re really lucky.

So, are any of you going to pick any of these figures up? If so, how many and which members? I know I’m going to be picking up one of my girl Momoka, what about you guys?


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