Mecha Enthusiast Pays Homage to AKB48

Those who follow AKB know about their humble contributions to aid the disaster areas of the 2011 earthquake in Japan. Members, staff and AKS pooled their donations and visited affected areas, performing and helping in what ways they could. One particular Gundam model enthusiast was particularly moved by the efforts of the girls and decided to pay homage to AKB in the only way that probably made sense to him: AKB Gundams.

To be more specific, Iiwake Maybe Gundams. These were created from the Nobel Gundam model, which was a feminine Gundam fitted with the styling of a sailor outfit, making it a perfect base. But it would be selling the craftsman short if it was just a new paint job. Each and every figure used represented a senbatsu cover member of Iiwake Maybe, with meticulous, subtle details making each one unique. From the hand-crafted hairstyles to individual bobbles, even the specific height and subtle skin color differences of each model were custom modified to make a faithful recreation.

If done well, fusions of giant pop icons are always surreal and provide me with endless fascination, and these are one of the most impressive I’ve come across. One needs a fiery passion and unflinching dedication to pull off a 12-figure display piece.

You can see close-ups of individual members and more here.


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