Matsui Jurina Made A Deal With the Devil

Either that or she is one. In all my dealings with AKB, I have never once seen her lose. It’s not just that. I have never seen her be embarrassed, be clumsy, not know the answer, or even skip a beat. She’s never been pied, which is not THAT big of a surprise. She’s a talented girl. She can dance, sing, and I honestly believe that she is a really smart person. But after facing off against ten AKB members in some seemingly chance based games and still coming out without a scratch, I began calling shenanigans.

I’ve begun doing research into SKE recently, downloading shows and appearances. I still have yet to see anything substantial against her. So how did this seemingly random girl get added to AKB Senbatsu at eleven years old, featured on her own AKB cover, and become the center of SKE48?

I don’t quite know yet but I’ll pray for her soul in the afterlife.

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