Looks Like I’ll Have to Solve This

Looking at the Sayumi AKB48 backlash, I can honestly say, all those people having fanboy wars, need to get over themselves. I’ve seen these things happen in the past and I know why they happen. Ultimately, fans want to be the best. They want to believe. They want to be part of something. And they want their group that they’re supporting to be the tops and they want to feel that their actions helped in some way. It’s almost honorable and inspiring.

Except, they’re being total bitches about it. If you want to help, do it by lifting someone up and not by trying to tear down the opposition. People need to understand this is entertainment. As long as you yourself enjoy it, that is the absolutely all that is needed. And while I understand that life doesn’t exactly follow those rules, I can decisively say the people arguing over these two girls groups will NEVER be as heated or dedicated as the two sides once fighting over Korea’s two boy bands, H.O.T and Sechskies. There is not a fan more dedicated, more devote, or more ruthless than a Teenage Korean Girl. I’m talking about buying necklaces with the member’s DNA in it. I’m talking about writing letters to the boy band in their own blood. I’m talking about suicides.

So to see a couple of nerd boys fighting over Morning Musume and AKB48, is a walk in the park. They’re both great and even though Morning Musume is not as popular as it once was, a little healthy competition is not bad to stir up the creativity.

I do need to point out, eventually it will all come down to management. This can all be easily resolved and many more fans can be made and shared. I see Michishige’s video as a beginning to that, although not properly handled. You can’t have one member come out and say “oh, I like the other group just fine. ”

Case in point when HOT and Sechskies rivalries came to the boiling point, this happened.

Sechskies, the boy band who came out after H.O.T, was getting more and more popular. Fans were constantly arguing and getting into physical fights. Then Sechskies performed the HOT’s single as sort of a tribute and homage. Even better H.O.T joined in on stage making the entire Korean Teenage Girl Population explode. It eased tensions between the two factions and began the healing process.

It’s only right for AKB48 to come out and pay tribute to Morning Musume. Not because they are better. Not because they are more popular. Only because Morning Musume should be recognized for coming first and being a leader. That’s all any of Morning Musume or their fans would need, recognization that they exist and the respect that they deserve.

At the beginning I’m sure there will be haters, ones who would dislike a collaboration. But eventually that will die out as their only other options will be to hate both of the largest most popular girl groups in Japan. Their only other option to give up completely or find another group to support. But those people will be few and more than likely they will be like me who when AKB48 collaborated with Idoling!!! ended up with listening to more Idoling!!! songs but still remaining more the AKB fan.

Even in the case of this blog, I can almost feel the tension beginning to build even between the other two who write for this blog. I’ve had discussion with both guys and to hear their opinions it’s interesting to see both points. Dae the AKB fanatic that never paid attention to Morning Musume and Atron the H!P fan who’s followed them for years but not understanding AKB’s meteoric rise. Both are great friends of mine, but come from completely different backgrounds and understand the world differently. I’ve been through both sides before so I could understand.

But to sum up this argument, let me tell you about me. I’m just an old man in all of this. Twenty eight years old and still in love with Japanese High School Girl Groups. I honestly don’t care to argue who’s better. For me, it’s just the more the merrier.


On a side note, to feed the drama a bit. It would be amazing to see Michishige jump ship and join AKB48. It would just be this amazing power move and all hell would break loose in Otaku Japan. It would be horrible for it to really happen, but it’s just fun to think about. Plus I’m not sure if Michishige would fit in all the dance heavy routines. I mean she was the one who dropped her microphone in her Morning Musume debut and I love her for it.

Oh also, that Sechskies/H.O.T Candy Performance, is great. I have great memories about it and if you look at the comments, so do others. Still gets me pumped.

looking back at those days, i dont know why HOT and sechskies were rivals when we could have been friends. i loved both groups…

Dang this brings back a lot of memories. XD It’s nice to see H.O.T. & Sechskies on the same stage together too..

this made my night! thank you sooo much =)
as much as i love kpop now with the abundance of cute boys, it will never compare to the days of HOT/Sechskies

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