LINKSTAR’s Idol Q&A: Something You’re Into Lately


Watching anime that I’ve recorded and saved.

-Ayakawa Hinano-


I love watching performers outside of Japan dance. I watch their videos and try to copy their moves! One of my dreams is to travel to the US to get dancing lessons.

-Otomo Haru-


I love to move my body doing kickboxing! I also love listening to music!

-Matsunaga Arisa-


I’m into watching videos of other idols to learn!

-Haneda Mana-


I love watching videos of other idols! Prior to joining Linkstar’s, I used to go watch idol events all the time but haven’t been able to go lately so I satisfy my idol craving by watching their videos! I especially like watching Wa-suta (The World Standard).

-Ichinose Nanami-


I love watching YouTube videos where people eat crazy amount of food. I love to eat and those gluttony videos make me happy. Lol.

-Uemura Mari-


I’m into MotoGP. Each race makes my heart pound because you never know what’s going to happen next.

-Itoh Yua-

With the release of the new LINKSTAR’s single “twinkling☆”, NSK was granted a Q&A Session with the group. So over the course of the next week, we’ll be releasing the answers to those questions each day. Today’s Question? What is something you’ve been into lately?

Check back tomorrow for another great question!

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