‘Kaze wa Fuiteiru’ Covers Revealed

AKB’s upcoming single ‘Kaze wa Fuiteiru’ has revealed their three covers and they’re quite different from anything they’ve done before.




As far as I know, this is the first AKB cover to incorporate a nature element. Similar to those of ‘Beginner’, these look like shots from a high-quality fashion magazine photoshoot; But unlike Beginner which had bold saturated colors, the ‘Kaze wa Fuiteiru’ covers are very muted and limited in their palette. It really illustrates a melancholy and serious atmosphere, something you just don’t expect from idols these days.

It’s clear from the clothes they’re wearing, to the title and photo treatment, that there was a strong art and design team behind it. And while I’m not a huge fan of the woodsy hippie-chic fashion, the photos are so well done I can overlook it. I think these could be one of the best representations of a single I’ve seen from an idol cover; I hear the song creeping up every time I stare at them.

It’s pretty hard to pick a favorite right now, but I’ll go with cover A. As much as I love the members in cover B(maybe even more than those in cover A), I like the expressions and composition on cover A more. The theater version is louder in concept, but a tired cliche—it still looks very nice though. What do you guys think?


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