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I am not much of a book reader. Usually when I do read, it mostly consists of Video Game magazines and the random articles/blogs that I find throughout the internet. So when I found out that there will be a book on Japanese schoolgirls and Idols, My wota senses started tingling. The Book is written by Brian Ashcraft and his wife Shoko Ueda. You might know Brian Ashcraft as he is a main contributor over at Kotaku and Wired magazine. The book pretty much talks about how Japanese schoolgirls are one of the most influential groups in Japanese pop culture and its influence overseas as well. The book is broken down into 8 chapters with each chapter talking about how Japanese schoolgirls plays a major influence in certain genres of everyday japan. The chapter I am most interested in is the chapter on Idols. They interview past and current Idols (Sashihara Rino, Nito Moeno, and Nakatsuka Tomomi from AKB and Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, and Mitsui Aika from Morning Musume) about how this Japanese schoolgirl phenomenon impacts their Idol/daily life.  Other interviewees include Kago Ai,  and Scandal.

For more of a detailed overview of the book. hop over to gigazine and check it out.

Looks like Amazon has it on sale. I am picking the book up. Are you?

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