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since the popularity boom in recent months it’s been near impossible to get a ticket to see akb theater shows, which is a tiny but humble venue in which members of akb48 perform shows daily.  visitors to japan from overseas have almost no shot at getting a ticket; people apply for shows for weeks and months to obtain a ticket, and overseas fans don’t have the luxury of waiting around that long.

a post was made on the AKB official blog that states measures are being taken to make theater shows more accessible to those coming from overseas:

(translation from Hana of nihongogo forums)

“Again, today, at the end of the judging [for the Kenkyuusei audition], we held a meeting around Mr. Akimoto.

As part of that, since we’ve recently been receiving more and more messages from foreigners, we’ve decided to create a

“SUPER ENPOU” category!
*seats for people coming from overseas

As for specific details, we still have to work on that a bit more, so we’ll let you know when we’ve decided.

We’ll also update the official homepage so that foreigners can enjoy it as well, so please wait a bit longer.

We’re going to make many changes so that even if you live overseas, or far from Tokyo, you can still get the latest info about AKB48.”

since no further information is revealed, we’ll have to see if this is actually good for us overseas fans; for all we know we could be shoved to the boonies section, but it’s nice to be thought of once in a while.

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