I’m so H!P that I play with a live band


I know that most of us on the site are fans of live instruments being played in our Idol songs. Tsunku must have heard our calls and decided to take the top 2 members from C-ute and let them loose with an acoustic band. It’s a well known fact that my 2 favorite members from C-ute are Maimi and Airi which would make this DVD release on the top of my hype list by that fact alone, but given that we have acoustic instruments playing some of my favorite C-ute songs from back in the day,this DVD release is right up there on my most anticipated releases of 2012. I know that Matsuura Aya use to do these sort of acoustic concerts back in the day, so here’s to hoping that Morning Musume gets one of these events in the near future. (preferably before a certain someone graduates from the group). Release date for the DVD is TBA.

Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko Acoustic ver? Yes please.

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