Idols You Should Meet: Morning Musume (Part 9)



Name: Kudo Haruka
Born: October 27th, 1999 in Saitama Prefecture
Group: Morning Musume
Nickname: Kuduu, Duu
Blog: Ameba Blog
Hobbies: Watching DVDs
Talent: Swimming, cartwheels

Joined Hello!Project in 2010 as a Hello!Pro Egg.
Joined Morning Musume in 2011 as part of the 11th generation.
Her motto is “Be cheerful and lively!”
Her favorite colors are light blue, orange and lime green.
Her favorite foods are meat and green tea.
She looks up to Tanaka Reina.
She is the youngest member to ever join Morning Musume (she was 11 when she first joined), the record previously being held for 11 years by Kago Ai.
She is known as the tomboy of Morning Musume.
She is known for having a rather husky voice.
One of her best friends within Morning Musume is Sato Masaki.
If she wasn’t in Morning Musume she would like to be a Disney performer.
She has two younger brothers.




It’s kinda hard to believe that this is the penultimate feature in this special Morning Musume edition of “Idols You Should Meet”. Its been a pretty wild ride so let’s try to finish strong. That shouldn’t be too difficult this week because I’m talking about Kudo Haruka, one of my favorite members of Morning Musume. First up, here’s your regularly scheduled introductory video:

As we hear in the video, Kudo is a bit of a tomboy. That’s very much her role in Morning Musume if we’re trying to put things in simple terms. There is an argument to be made that Ikuta Erina also fills such a role but I see her more as the athletic type than anything else. Duu is very much the more traditional embodiment of such boyish ideals.

I have to admit, she does pull it off very well. From her teenage boy-like antics to her husky voice, she really has all of the tools to be a great “boy character” in pretty much any setting. I personally don’t think that there’s anyone currently in Morning Musume who can make it work as well as she does. If she keeps it up I could very well see her becoming more of the ikemen character as she gets older.

Kuduu also possesses a rather surprising level of maturity for someone so young. Perhaps it’s just a cultural difference but I personally don’t know any 14 year olds who are as well put together as she is. It’s kind of strange to see and I can’t help but feel sorry for her having to constantly keep Sato Masaki in line. She must have the patience of saint to go along with all of that maturity.

All that being said, it’s not like Haruka isn’t still a young girl too. For all of the bravado and boyish charm that she exudes, her girly side is always there just waiting to shine through. Watching her switch between the two roles is quite interesting to see and adds a lot of dimension to her as an idol.

I’ve mentioned “roles” and “characters” a lot in this piece and I feel I should clarify that I’m not saying Kudo Haruka fakes her personality (any more than any other idol anyway) or anything. It’s just she has two very distinct parts that make up said personality. Having these two facets to her persona is what makes her who she is and I wouldn’t want to change that for anything.

Ultimately there’s a lot that I like about Duu, be it her interactions with her fellow members, her hard working attitude that allowed her to bounce back after failing the 9th generation auditions or even her childish ambition. I say childish ambition but I think if she puts her mind to something she probably has a pretty good shot at making it happen. Her smile is pretty cute too but I should stop there before any of you start thinking there might be something other than a black hole where my heart should be.

What I guess I’m trying to say is that she’s a pretty cool person and I hope her career as an idol is a long and fulfilling one.

So that’s Kudo Haruka; the girl who is also a boy, in a nutshell. Easily one of my favorite members of Morning Musume and maybe after reading this and checking her out a bit more she can be one of yours too.

Biography and trivia courtesy of Hello!Project Wiki

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