Idols You Should Meet 001

Welcome to a brand new feature on New School Kaidan! This is a series of articles where Garry and I highlight idols people need to pay attention to. Guess who this idol is!

Name: Shiroma Miru
Born: Osaka, October 14th 1997
Team: NMB48 Team N
Nickname: “Mirurun”
Strengths: Always bright and energetic.
Weaknesses: Not very good at talking. Doesn’t think too much. Gets nervous quickly.
Hobbies: Ice skating. Reading manga out loud pretending to be the characters.
Favorite colors: Pink and Black.
Favorite food: Chocolate, Curry Rice.

NMB48’s biggest cry baby.
She is in the tennis club.
Loves to ride roller coasters.
Good friends with Kinoshita Haruna.
Admires Maeda Atsuko for her singing and acting.
Gets jealous when her favorite members are talking to other members.
Admires Matsui Jurina because Jurina helped her with choreography during 2011 Kouhaku Uta Gassen.
If she had to pick a girlfriend in NMB48, it would be Yamada Nana because she acts cute from time to time.


Here are links to some more of her videos from Google+

Anthony says: The way Shiroma dresses would give you the impression of a typical alternative/emo/goth girl who shops at Hot Topic in the United States but she is far from it. Shiroma is a bright, energetic girl but very prone to crying. There are instances of her clinging on Watanabe Miyuki and members have mentioned that she cried after seeing Watanabe Miyuki flirt with someone else. When Shiroma was shown cooked bugs on “Naniwa Nadeshiko”, she started to cry and was consoled by Yoshida Akari and Kotani Riho. She then proceeds to hug Yoshida in fear. Shiroma is a fantastic personality and more people need to take notice of her. Hopefully she doesn’t get squeezed out by the new Team M members that will eventually be squeezed into the senbatsu.

Garry says: If you like quirky idols then you’ll love Shiroma Miru. While she does dress rather eccentricly it in no way detracts from her charm. Mirurun is just one of those people who has a personality that stands out from a mile away. Her Google+ updates are always an entertaining read and her gag videos always manage to make me laugh. While I’m sure that if someone asked you to think about Team N she wouldn’t be the first name that springs to mind, Shiroma Miru is the type of idol that every group needs. An idol that isn’t afraid to be herself and have fun doing it.

Thanks for reading and make sure to follow Shiroma Miru on Google+!


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