idols vs alan wake: the aftermath

there was a live broadcast earlier today where AKB’s ishida haruka, SDN’s ohori megumi, and SKE’s hiramatsu kanako and furukawa airi played the first segment of alan wake.  i wasn’t too interested when i saw this announcement since i didn’t know who the SKE members were, but i’m glad i didn’t blow it off.  it ended up being a lot more entertaining than i initially thought.

all four girls were sitting next to each other, passing the controller around for all of alan wake episode one, and part of episode 2.  they had an hour time limit, so they were cut off at the beginning of episode 2.  as one can expect, there was laughing and freaking out throughout, while occasionally checking the chat comments and responding.

ishida and ohori were the weaker players, rarely utilizing the camera control and getting stuck in the strangest places.  the two SKE members however, were surprisingly good, especially furukawa airin, whom ohori said was the best at playing videogames in the introductions.

the set up was a lot better than i thought it would be.  i didn’t expect them to have picture-in-picture,  which switched between gameplay footage and the members playing.  after watching the hour of broadcasting, i can confidently add two people to my short list of SKE members i can recognize and got to know ishida a little better.  and although i was never a huge fan, it was damn good to see meetan again.  i miss the humor she brought when she was with AKB.

i went onto ustream with lukewarm expectations, and ended with me yearning for more.  this was done by advertisers for alan wake, so this is probably a one-time thing, but if they ever do anything like this again i’ll be there 110%.

random notes:

  • around 850 viewers
  • died 3 times during playthrough
  • kanako’s father is a fan of ohori megumi
  • biggest reaction was the romantic flashback between alice and alan in episode 2

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