Idol Digest – SKE48 no Magical Radio #09 (12.06.2011)

12.06.2011 SKE48 no Magical Radio #09 [Link]

For the benefit of those of us who haven’t been keeping up with this show, here’s a quick rundown of the basic concept. SKE48 no Magical Radio (which will, for the sake of my sanity be referred to as “Magical Radio” from this point onward) is a variety show that uses a mix of comedy and drama to tell the story of a local radio station. The show stars SKE48 members Matsui Rena (Director), Takayanagi Akane (Senior DJ), Matsui Jurina (Rookie DJ) and Kimoto Kanon (Assistant Director) as the main cast along with various other SKE members who make guest appearances each week. The cast also features Wakabayashi Masayasu who is the radio station’s scriptwriter and Sato Jiro who plays the part of station producer.

Now that the boring part is out of the way, let’s get straight into this week’s episode.

The show starts with Matsui Rena desperately trying to remove a ring from her finger. The ring isn’t giving up without a fight but before a winner can be decided Jurina and Akane arrive for work along with Masayasu and Jiro. Akane proceeds to tap Rena on the shoulder which sends her fleeing across the room in fright. Jurina and Akane are understandably confused as to what’s going on, that is until Akane notices the ring currently stuck on Rena’s finger.

Turns out the ring belongs to Akane who promptly decides that brute force is the best way to get it off. Jurina steps in to help and the above screenshot speaks for itself. If it were me I’d have tried something a lot less interesting like I don’t know, maybe using dish soap to slip the ring off or something. That wouldn’t make for very entertaining television though would it?

The combined effort of Jurina and Akane eventually manages to free Rena from the ring’s clutches. Akane who is overjoyed at getting her ring back quickly puts it on. Suddenly the ring starts producing a yellow glow much to the shock of everyone present. What happens next sets the tone for this week’s episode.

Magical Radios are so last week, it’s all about Magical Lockers now. As a stunned Yagami Kumi stumbles from the confinements of the locker the only thing anyone can think to do is stare on in shocked awe. This of course erupts into screaming and freaking out once everyone’s brain finally processes that a strange person has suddenly appeared in the studio. Rena dramatically proclaims that she must be a girl that leapt through time.

The episodes progresses with Kumi showing that she is terrified of modern technology such as hair dryers, cell phones and microwaves. The more eagle eyed viewer might also notice that Kumi’s bangs magically become dry during this segment although there was no scene where we actually see Jurina dry her hair.

Rena makes hot milk for Kumi in what I can only assume is an attempt to calm her almost assuredly frazzled nerves. This doesn’t go over well initially with a knife being drawn and people cowering in fear but in the end Kumi ends up enjoying her drink greatly. Although her thirst is quenched, Kumi’s stomach makes its feelings known and alerts everyone that Kumi is in fact quite hungry. Everyone shares an embarrassed laugh at her expense before deciding that food sounds like a good idea right about now.

While Kumi enjoys her food the group ask her some questions that appear to solidify their belief that she is from another time. The question is how did she end up in the present day? Well, here comes Kimoto Kanon with the explanation.

Kanon explains how she believes that a time slip brought Kumi to the present day. According to Wikipedia, a time slip is a paranormal phenomenon in which a person, or group of people,travel through time via unknown means. Pretty fitting for a show called Magical Radio, right?

Kumi continues to enjoy her food through all of this mumbo jumbo, remarking on how good it all tastes. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and oh my god it’s Hiramatsu Kanako in a maid outfit! She comes bearing curry rice.

Very spicy curry rice if the reactions of Jurina and Kumi are anything to go by. Akane just sits there and eats it like it’s no big deal while the other two freak out and reach for their glasses of water much to her amusement.

After this amusing intermission, Rena while laughing evilly to herself decides that putting Kumi on the radio with Akane and Jurina will be a fantastic way to attract listeners. Things don’t go so well when Kumi misunderstands something that Jurina is reading out and threatens to assault Masayasu live on the air. Thankfully the situation is resolved without anyone losing any body parts.

Once the radio show is over, Kumi talks about some relationship troubles that she had been having in her own time and produces a ring that looks strangely familiar. Akane recognises it immediately as the ring we had seen her wearing earlier except now it’s not on her finger! It ends up transpiring that Kumi is actually Akane’s great grandmother. This raises a bigger problem that Kanon is quick to point out; having both Kumi and Akane in the same time period is causing a time paradox.

Akane starts fading out of existence as Jurina and Rena try to convince Kumi to go back to her own time and sort out her problems with Akane’s great grandfather. Kumi keeps refusing until suddenly the ring starts glowing again and the locker produces yet another time traveller.

Enter Akane’s great grandfather, also played by Wakabayashi Masayasu which explains why he had to leave the room to check up on Akane’s sisters earlier. Guess there wasn’t enough in the budget to hire another actor for this part. Anyway, things aren’t going well with this little reunion until Jurina steps in to save the day just like she always does on this show.

This week she appears to be channeling Murasaki Shikibu, a novelist, poet and lady-in-waiting from the Heian period. My Japanese isn’t strong enough to understand exactly what was said in her monologue but it seemed to have the desired effect on Akane’s great grandparents.

Everyone says their goodbyes and Kumi and Masayasu awkwardly pile into the cramped locker. They’re gone in a flash, back to their own time period and Jurina wakes from her trance with no idea what just happened. Maybe she should consider seeing someone about all of that short term memory loss.

Producer-san somehow ends up going inside the Magical Locker but instead of worrying about him the girls take it as their cue to finish work early for the day. It’s okay though, he makes it back just fine on his own……kinda.

That’s it for this week’s episode. Next week’s episode features a Christmas tree, glamorous dresses, foot massages……oh and Ishida Anna. Please tune in!


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