Idol Digest: PON! (07.27.2011)

07.27 – PON! (With Matsui Rena & Matsui Jurina)

I’m not a usual watcher of PON. Shinoda Mariko isn’t enough for me to tune in to what is essentially a morning show, but this week SKE front runners were there to promote their new single Pareo wa Emerald.

The show starts off with some gags and news. At [1:50] there’s a feature about Perfume and Cars 2. Immediately after at [4:28] they talk about the recent AKB and Hello Kitty collaboration.

The show then moves on to some movie and music talk, the Amazing Spider-Man. There’s a segment on Horror films [9:00], which has Mariko looking pretty serious. I guess she’s not a fan of Horror.

To wrap up the show, SKE members Jurina and Rena come on stage [16:44]. They both do their introduction which is always fun. They bring out a cake to celebrate Rena’s 20th Birthday, much to her surprise. This episode only goes to confirm that I love Matsui Rena’s voice and reactions.

The show continues through some of the history of SKE and goes on to show pictures of Jurina and Rena when they were younger. Rena does some blinking while Jurina and Mariko do some animal impersonations. They finish up with some promotion for the new single. Worth the watch if you’re a fan of either Matsui.

You can finds this episode of PON – [Here]

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