Idol Digest – Nogizakatte, Doko? #11 (12.11.2011)

12.11.2011 Nogizakatte, Doko? #11 [Link]

After a rather lackluster episode last week, Nogizakatte, Doko? is back with a bang. The name of the game this week is “Reaction Check”. If you love seeing idols get scared and freak out then this is an episode that you definitely don’t want to miss.

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Danchou Club (Ueshima Ryuhei and Higo Katsuhiro) are the guests this week. I’ve personally never heard of them but they appear to be a comedic group so expect plenty of laughs. They play a pretty big part in the latter half of the episode so keep reading to find out what antics they get up to.

The first part of the Reaction Check takes place at an amusement park. Much like a previous Shukan AKB the girls each have a camera strapped to their helmets to film their reactions as they ride a roller coaster. The results are a mixed bag to say the least.

First up we have Sakurai Reika and Nakada Kana.

Nakada starts us off with a fairly typical reaction for this type of situation. Nothing really to write home about on this one.

Sakurai’s reaction is a little better but nothing particularly noteworthy either. Seems like they were getting the less interesting reactions out of the way first because the ones coming up are a whole lot better.

Next up we have my personal favourite Shiraishi Mai. She has always struck me as someone who is very sure of herself so I was interested to see how she would react in what many would consider a scary situation.

For her credit Mai starts out pretty composed in the beginning. That didn’t last long though and we end up getting a wealth of reactions like the one above. She even starts apologising repeatedly as if that may help her situation in some way. Certainly not the sort of reaction I expected out of her but it was pretty hilarious so I’m not too disappointed.

Hashimoto Nanami is the next girl to be put to the test. I vaguely remembered her having some pretty extreme reactions in the past so I was looking forward to seeing how she’d do here.

…… reaction? In fact she doesn’t react at all for the entire duration of the ride. This was both hilarious but at the same time somewhat disappointing. Still, it’s not like anyone else is going to have that lack of reaction, right?

Hatanaka Seira is up to bat next. I’ve always thought she had a fairly serious persona but I didn’t know if I should expect an extreme reaction or a very subdued one.

Not much of a reaction this time either. These girls must have nerves of steel because I’d be screaming like a little girl if I was being made to ride a roller coaster like that. I’m a huge wuss when it comes to heights though so it’s probably not that surprising.

It’s time for Ikoma Rina’s turn now. After she started crying when she almost got lost in the city last week I had a pretty good idea of how this was going to turn out.

Looks like I was right on the money. Ikoma starts crying before the ride even begins. While I do feel kinda bad for her it’s probably done her popularity no harm seeing as fans tend to eat this sort of thing up. I think I have a better understanding of why she’s being pushed as the face of Nogizaka46 now.

Not much of a reaction but damn is that face hilarious. Ikoma quite literally hold on for dear life, grabbing a hold of anything she can reach. I expected more screaming and crying so I tip my hat to Ikoma for remaining relatively composed during the ride.

The next part of the Reaction Check takes place in a really creepy hospital. I’m pretty sure this would have even freaked me out so the fact that they had the girls do this is incredible. Just look at this setting!

Matsumara Sayuri is the first girl to take part. She’s already terrified just from stepping into the room and seeing the body laying on the gurney. Things don’t get much better for her when a zombie jumps out in front of her. Needless to say she makes for the exit with great haste.

Nojo Ami goes next and decides that covering her ears and singing to herself is the best way to get through this. This devolves into her repeatedly calling for her mother and to top things off she smacks her head into the camera as she tries to escape the zombie that’s chasing her. A rather excellent performance in my opinion.

It’s Sakurai Reika again and this time we get a much better reaction from her. She decides to take the “fuck it, I’m out” approach and just runs for the exit while screaming her head off. She too manages to headbutt the camera in her desperate bid for freedom.

Hashimoto Nanami chooses a much more composed and dignified speed walk to get her to the exit. She starts to freak out near the end but this was easily the least scared any of the girls have been up to this point.

Nagashima Seira elects to just scream at absolutely everything. She also throws in some pretty wild hand gestures to indicate just how scared she is. Her scream will haunt me for weeks to come.

Poor, poor Shiraishi Mai can’t even manage to step into the area where the scares are supposed to take place. She gets herself so worked up that even the cameraman manages to scare her. She’s so sorry that she can’t take part she even kneels on the floor and bows to the camera. It’s okay Mai, I still love you.

Last to go is Hatanaka Seira who gives possibly the best reaction out of everyone who took part. She casually brushes off the zombies who jump out at her and even goes as far as to stare them down. She even calmly asks the cameraman if the exit is this way. I really do love it when idols show some attitude. Well played Hatanaka, well played.

The second half of this week’s show returns to the studio and we begin with a game that might be somewhat familiar to some of you. The basic premise is that Himura of Bananaman will mime something and the girls participating have to guess it right so they can pass the constantly inflating balloon down the line to the next girl. It’s like a game of hot potato but the girl holding the balloon when it bursts doesn’t lose, we just get to see her reaction.

Our first contestants are Shiraishi Mai, Ichiki Rena, Ikoma Rina, Kashiwa Yukina, Hatanaka Seira and Inoue Sayuri.

I won’t go into what Himura was miming partly because this article is already getting rather long but also because I want you guys to actually go watch the episode and not have everything spoiled for you. The main thing is, Ikoma Rina ended up with the balloon as it popped and the above screenshot is the immediate aftermath of when it went off.

Our second group comprises of Ikuta Erika, Sakurai Reika, Nagashima Seira, Wakatsuki Yumi, Matsumura Sayuri, Nakada Kana and Hoshino Minami.

Ueshima Ryuhei is also selected to take part in the game. The girls are doing pretty well until it comes to his turn. Himura decides it’d be funny not to give him any clues, that is until he is threatened with the rapidly expanding balloon. It’s much too late though and the balloon explodes.

With the set littered with the bodies of both idols and presenters it’s time to move on to the final game of this week’s episode. Another one that you may be familiar with from other idol related programming.

Everyone likes a good game of “stick your hand in the mystery box and try to identify what’s inside” right?

Nojo Ami is first up with what is apparently a block of konjac gel (konjac gel is used in various aspects of Japanese cooking). The other girls really sell it as something scary which causes Nojo to freak out and make a number of wild hand gestures. If I could post a gif I would but where would the incentive to watch the show be if I did that?

Hashimoto Nanami draws the octopus card. Having an octopus in one of the boxes is almost a tradition so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to see it here. This time the girls don’t have to sell anything and are genuinely surprised and scared by the harmless cephalopod. Hashimoto produces some of the best reactions in the entire episode while trying to figure out what’s in the box. I highly recommend the episode for this segment alone.

The show ends with the girls and other hosts attempting to trick Ueshima Ryuhei into putting his hand into a box of crayfish in the hope that they’d bite him on the finger. He’s wise to it though but that doesn’t stop him being convinced to let one of the crayfish latch onto his nose.

The show ends there and we see in the previews that next week is some kind of cooking challenge. How will each of the girls fare? Tune in next time to find out!


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