Idol Digest – Bimyo~ #15 (01.19.12)

12.08.11 BIMYO~ #11

Human Symbol Rangers Adviceman

Ishida Haruka is being bothered by three delinquents. Takahashi Minami, Kitahara Rie, and Yokoyama Yui offer help through words but because they’re afraid to say it out loud, they have to convey their message with their body. The first word they spell out is, “run” as an advice to Ishida’s conundrum.

The second word they spell is “sorry”.

The third word they spell is “no way/impossible”. Ishida ends up kidnapped because the Advicemen don’t have the courage to chase after them.


Enclosed Interview

Matsui Rena is playing Joan of Arc in a play and is being interviewed for it. Yagami Kumi asks Matsui for confirmation that this is the fifth play that she has taken a part in but Yagami does not let Matsui finish answering the question and asks her why she likes plays.

Kizaki asks Matsui about the cast but she has the mic pointed at Matsui when she’s asking the question and then when Matsui is answering, she takes the mic away from Matsui’s face.

Matsui points out what Kizaki was doing and Kizaki then apologizes. Ono asks Matsui about her intense fighting scenes but as she asks the question, Ono starts to drop the honorifics of –san, then uses –chan, then just calls her Matsui and then she ends up just addressing her as “you” which is considered rude.

Yagami tries to ask Matsui a question but pulls out a ladle.

Kizaki asks her a question and then starts to push the mic into Matsui’s face and Yagami does the same with the ladle. Then everyone joins in.

Kimoto asks Matsui to address the fans. Then proceeds to ask her to address her foreign fans and then her parents, then her favorite teacher from high school, then the employee at the convenience store that Matsui frequents.

Matsui Rena then walks away irritated and Yagami asks for a final word and Matsui walks away pointing out the fact that Yagami was using a ladle.


It’s Hard for Me to Say This

Kitahara Rie has been in a car accident and her family arrive at the hospital. Dr. Kashiwagi delivers the bad news and says, “sir, it’s hard for me to say this but, you’re stepping on my foot.”

Kashiwagi tries to deliver the bad news and says, “it’s hard for me to say this but, I’m getting married soon.”

Then says, “it’s hard for me to say this… the person I’m marrying is a jazz chanson singer”. Which is difficult to say in Japanese. Kashiwagi then says, “I need to tell you all this before your daughter wakes up. It’s hard for me to say this but, doesn’t your daughter look like Unagi-Inu?”

While Kashiwagi was performing surgery, she sewed the open wound up in the shape of a heart because she was thinking about her fiancée.


Priority Seats

Shimazaki Haruka offers her seat to a woman that may need the priority seat. The older woman(Komori Mika) is angered because Shimazaki assumed that she was old enough for a priority seat.

Shimazaki offers a seat to a pregnant Kikuchi Ayaka but it turns out that she was just overweight.

Shimazaki offers a seat to an old man with a cane. It turns out that the cane was for a magic trick for the magician.


Dying Message

Matsui Sakiko plays a detective trying to find clues for a murder. Matsui gets the security footage and sees the killer shoot Uchida.

Uchida’s dying message that she leaves is her writing words in the air with her butt.

Uchida writes, “the culprit’s name is” and then dies.


Looking at the Camera

Uchida, Oya, and Sashihara play extras in a movie. Miyazawa is concerned about Sashihara because she looks nervous and is looking at the camera.

Umeda reassures Miyazawa by telling her that Sashihara belongs to an agency and is a legitimate extra.

Sashihara is warned to not look at the camera by Umeda.

Sashihara proceeds to do it again.

As they finish rehearsing, they start filming but Sashihara stares at two different cameras and then is hit in the head by everyone involved but still continues to stare at the camera.


The Trees that Withstand Laughing

Katayama Haruka and Oya Shizuka play a couple frolicking around three trees played by Komori Mika, Nakatsuka Tomomi and Nonaka Misato.

Oya asks for Katayama’s hand in marriage. Katayama asks Oya if Oya is able to handle her sleeping face.

Then Oya makes her sleeping face. Nonaka starts to smile.

Nakatsuka starts to smile as well when Oya shows off her walk.

The two embrace and then roll down the hill to collide with Nakatsuka.

I did my best this week to shorten the play by play. I don’t want to spoil everything so I didn’t write every detail. This was a good episode overall. If you like Shimazaki Haruka like me, you will enjoy her Bimyo debut. Also, Yagami Kumi, Kimoto Kanon and Matsui Rena were fantastic.

I have a dream that my three AKS groups will one day perform on one show where they will not be judged by where their theater is but by the content of their character.


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