Idol Digest – AKBINGO! #163 (11.30.2011)

11.30.11 AKBINGO!#163 [Link]

It’s another SKE vs AKB episode, Battle Burger style! Teams of six members on each side will have to work together and earn points in quick-thinking, time-based tasks. The first game will ask 5 team members to describe a given word that the 6th member will have to answer correctly to get a point. The second game will have 5 members construct a diagram of a given word out of colored clay to have the 6th member guess correctly. Who will win?!

The first round will be Maeda Ami, Matsui Sakiko, Ichikawa Miori, Nito Moeno, Takeuchi Miyu, and Shimada Haruka from AKB48 versus Matsui Rena, Hata Sawako, Ogiso Shiori, Kizaki Yuria, Kuwabara Mizuki and Takayanagi Akane from SKE48.

So here we go! Going first is AKB48, and the word they will have to express is: LOVE LETTER.

Maeda Ami says, “Daisuki!”, which means to like a lot/love.

Matsui Sakiko says, “Heart”.

Ichikawa Miori has trouble finding a good descriptive word, and ends up with “convey”.

Nito Moeno gives the hint, “Valentine”.

Takeuchi Miyu gives the last word, which is “Feeling”.

Will Shimada Haruka be able to connect the dots?

No! She answers, “Chocolates”, looking too much into the hint “Valentine”.

Now it’s SKE’s turn! The word they are given is: CHUNICHI DRAGONS, a Nagoya baseball team. Since SKE is based in Nagoya there’s no way they could mess this up, right?

Matsui Rena gives the hint, “Blue!”

Hata Sawako gives a panicked, but quick hint, “Championship?!”

Ogiso Shiori says the Dragon’s mascot, “Koala!” (Why does a team called DRAGONS have a KOALA mascot??)

Kizaki Yuria struggles and comes up with, “Animal”.

Despite Kuwabara Mizuki looking she has no fucking clue what to say, she gives the crucial hint, “Nagoya”.

The ball is now in Takayanagi Akane’s court, to put all these hints together and answer correctly.

Nevermind! She answers, “Higashiyama Doubutsu”, a zoo in Nagoya, clearly led on by emphasis on the hints “Koala” and “animal”.

Now it’s AKB’s turn.

Maeda Ami is again first, and gives the hint, “Song”, with confidence.

Sakiko chose the hint, “Showdown”

Ichikawa Miori says, “Red!”

Moeno says……… nothing!

Takeuchi Miyu contemplates for a bit and smartly says, “Hall”

Do you know what the word is based on these clues? Does Shimada?!

Yes she does! She guessed “Kouhaku Uta Gassen”, the yearly performance showdown between Japan’s most famous performers(males on the white team, females on the red team).

The first point goes to AKB! Let’s see if SKE can catch up in the next round.

Matsui Rena takes a look at the word and gives the hint, “Tree”.

Sawako just needs to barely glance at the word, immediately saying, “Presents”

Ogiso follows it up with “Snow”.

Kizaki smiles and says, “White”, while heavily implying what the word is. “White __________”, I WONDER WHAT IT COULD POSSIBLY BE.

Kuwabara Mizuki confidently gives the hint “Tree”. Wait, wasn’t that already said?

Alright, now it’s down to Takayanagi to give the easiest answer I’ve ever seen on this segment and she gets it correct: Christmas! One point for SKE! But it’s not over yet.

Mizuki gets called out for giving a crap hint and Kizaki for heavily implying the answer so they get blasted.

We now switch gears and add some clay into the mix! Each member must create a diorama representation of a given word accurately enough for the last member to guess correctly. Members are also changed up a little. Team AKB now has Fujie Reina, Miyazaki Miho and Oya Shizuka are now in the team replacing Shimada, Sakiko, and Moeno.

Team AKB goes first and the word is: Kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi).

Ichikawa Miori goes first and creates a couple pieces of sushi with red and white clay.

Takeuchi attempts to create part of a conveyor belt.

Fujie Reina is only able to create one dubious piece of sushi in her time limit.

Miyazaki Miho adds a red smudge on the right and a large, black, piece of… something on the left.

Shizuka Oya adds another piece of sushi, arguably the best looking piece of the bunch.

Maeda Ami takes a look and guesses “Sushi”

OUT! It specifically had to be conveyor belt sushi. Now still tied at one point on each side, we now continue onto SKE. Will they get this right and win it all?!

The SKE team is given ANTONIO INOKI, one of Japan’s most famous figures. A wrestler noted for his red scarf, enormous chin, and the “toukon slap“. Team SKE also has some change-ups, bringing in Suda Akari, Oya Masana, Kimoto Kanon and Hiramatsu Kanako to take over for Sawako, Kuwabara, Kizaki, and Shiori.

Takayanagi starts it off pretty well, getting an iconic red scarf around what’s supposed to be Antonio, putting on some hair and one eyeball.

Masana reattaches the rogue eyeball and adds what I can only guess is Antonio Inoki’s chin.

Matsui Rena, who had willingly been slapped by Inoki at the Janken Tournament, is flustered and creates a second scarf, and a gigantic mole on the tip of his chin.

Now it’s Kimoto Kanon’s turn. She adds a black stripe and sticks on arm on top of the chin, in a slapping position.

Finally, it’s Suda Akari’s turn, and she makes a… thing that looks like a sandwich.

Now it’s time for Kanako to figure out what this alien is supposed to be. She guesses it’s a shishimai, and gets out. But really, how could she have guessed anything after looking at this:

Team AKB are given a word, and the audience wasn’t told what it was this time. See below and see if you can figure this one out:

Did you guess Cinderella? Maeda Ami didn’t either. It looks like blue chocolate chip ice cream sundae.

Still tied 1 for 1, SKE now has a chance to get a point on AKB. Same as last time, the word wasn’t given to the viewers so see if you can figure this out on your own:

If you guessed “Park”, you would be correct! Kanako got it as well, giving a much needed point to team SKE to win it for this episode!

That’s it for today’s episode. AKBINGO closes out with a performance of Ue Kara Mariko, and next week looks like a continuation with more word games with AKB and SKE. It’s a great twist to see these old segments come back with the addition of SKE and makes it more interesting to watch. Hope some of these explanations helped you understand this episode better. Stay tuned next week for more crazy-eyed Sawako:


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