Idol Digest – Naniwa Nadeshiko #07 (08.23.2011)

08.24.2011 – Naniwa Nadeshiko #07 [Link] NMB’s variety show ‘Naniwa Nadeshiko’ finally pulled me in with one simple word: Dokkiri(prank). Pulling pranks is a long running pastime in Japanese television and it just doesn’t get old for me. Dokkiri is a great and entertaining way to get to know members since it’s your best bet to get a true, candid view of the members, especially in a scenario where they think cameras aren’t running.

Let the shenanigans begin!

The first three victims are Watanabe Miyuki, Fukumoto Aina, and Kondo Rina. Front girl Yamamoto Sayaka is planted in the group as the agent, as she knows what’s going to happen and wears a concealed earpiece so the hosts can communicate with her.

The scenario: The three oblivious girls and Yamamoto are put in a room with a doll. Yamamoto will make sure that the girls take notice by fiddling around with the doll so the other members can follow suit. At the right time, the doll’s head will fall completely off, appearing to be broken by rough handling. A staff member will come in and see that the doll is broken, and turn to the girls demanding for an explanation.

The doll is immediately noticed by the members as they walk in, and express that it’s really creepy. Despite the apprehension, as soon as the staff leave the room, the girls are drawn to the doll. While they crack jokes and move the doll’s head around, the trigger is released, making the doll’s head fall off the body.

The unlucky girl who happened to be touching doll is Kondo Rina, and it couldn’t have happened to a better person. She stood out to me from the very beginning because she seemed to be the loud and bold type. How will she react when the staff confronts the girls?!

The surveyors have to guess what the response will be and they came up with: 1. Run, 2. Give an excuse, 3. Blame others. Given that Kondo is one of the youngest members and has such a bold personality, I’m not surprised those were the guesses they came up with.

So back in the room, a staff member comes into the room to pick up the doll and notices that it’s broken. When he turns to the girls and asks if they touched it, Kondo replies that they haven’t.

The staff member goes on to say that the doll is worth 300,000 yen(over three thousand dollars), but Kondo fervently insists that they didn’t touch it.

The guilt was too wracking for Fukumoto Aina, and she practically breaks down, saying that everyone had touched the doll, while Kondo’s defense mechanism of detaching herself from the situation is in full swing.

The staff member then leaves, and the hosts and fellow members bust through the door, revealing that it was a prank.

Aina breathes a sigh of relief, while Kondo gets grilled for her behavior. Young brats can’t get away with everything, right? Now, onto the next Dokkiri!

The unfortunate victim this time is Yamaguchi Yuki, and this next one is pretty cruel, even for me. She will be put in a group with the a host to shoot a promotional spot for their their DVD.

Each person will say their lines, but when it comes to Yuki’s, the director will say it’s no good and make them do it again, multiple times. Will she be able to take this punishment?! Once again, Sayaka will be an insider, as well as Shiroma Miru and the host.

To have the director make an impression on Yaguchi as a scary director, they have him scolding Sayaka right outside of the elevator where Yaguchi comes out to get to the room.

So, they finally all meet in the room to record the spot. Everyone says their lines, and the director singles out Yamaguchi. Her line includes the word “Trompeh”, and the director informs her it’s a French word and felt she didn’t deliver it well(when in reality “trompeh” isn’t a real word).

The torture begins here. They go over the same shoot over and over again, with the director becoming increasingly agitated that she can’t get the correct pronunciation of this word.

The director pushes it to the point of ridiculousness, even asking Yamaguchi to do the dreaded ‘komanechi’ gag after her line and even asks her if she wants to switch places with Shiroma so she doesn’t have to say the line she’s having trouble with. But even with all these deterrents, she stays determined to get that line right.

Finally, the crew busts in and declares the Dokkiri, much to the relief of Yamaguchi. This girl’s got some perseverance. And unsurprisingly, wins the MVP of the episode! And the MVP is treated to some ramen!

This was a pretty good episode, even if it could only hold two Dokkiri pranks. I actually learned a lot of members from this episode. So my descent into NMB-land goes ever deeper…


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